orfeo ed euridice @ NEC

had a very very very nice time last night @ the NEC with their lovely semi-staged production of Orfeo ed Euridice. I was gonna write up my impression, but have decided to listen to it again! here it is, music for the evening.


I remember loooooving the orchestra and regretted Euridice’s part was too short… and liking quite a bit the chorus… then onto mezzo + Amore. all-in-all, very very very nice evening. will write later after re-listening (while wrestling Atlantic ocean as always…)

(Wanted to listen first to see if my visual was biasing my impression… and another opportunity to re-listen to the singers…)


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5 Responses to orfeo ed euridice @ NEC

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Looking forward to your impressions – don’t let that ocean beat you!

  2. thả diều says:

    i might not be writing up review (i realllly should), but NEC’s Orfeo has been on repeat round the clock… currently on 4th cycle. The more i listen, the more I like the mezzo’s, think it really takes time to get used to. She expressed her emotion very nicely in Act I. For orchestra sound, i’d recommend starting with Act II, loooovely duetting of mezzo with harp/flute/oboe/woodwinds. Was sitting up close enough to even see the sparkle in mezzo’s eyes as she walked about while singing… until that harp came up sooo lovely, friend and I looked up and down the stage and couldn’t find the harp(?!) At intermission we climbed up to balcony in attempt to locate harp, nowhere in sight! so we wandered offstage and spotted a couple of musicians, it turned out harp + a few other instruments were offstage(!) just behind wall. The bit with solo oboe / flute starting @ 12min20sec in ActII (where in dvd VK petting that cute cat (oh how i’d love to be the cat…)) is veeery nice… followed immediately by mezzo’s entrance to oboe / flutes, sooo new for me. Had to go back to dvd, where you can hear VK singing dominating orchestra, whereas here the balance is JUST lovely.

    (back to wrestling with Greenland Basin…)

    (ps- Amore is quite charming, both in singing and in acting as she ran about everywhere in the concert hall, they made very nice use of the whole space.)
    (ps2- should also mention how i love the barefeet staging, white shirt + jacket….)
    (ps3- friend accompanying me was Italian who noted the near perfect italian from all singers… but i think that was my reservation about the mezzo in recit: sometimes it was more singing speech rather than expressing emotion through the voice… which one could hear verrry nicely from Eurydice. But to be fair, Orfeo’s recit takes up almost the entire opera. Generally speaking, i think if the voice can express the emotion well, there’s almost no need to search for libretto. However if it’s singing speech, you (I) begin to wonder what they’re saying…)
    (ps4- also, duet between Orfeo / Euridice tooo short!)
    (ps5- at this point, i should also mention how i like the conducting…)

  3. thả diều says:

    photo set of the performance 🙂

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