music to start the week

a weekend of 20+ hrs awake followed by 10+ hrs sleeping, and here we are, wiiide awake at 10am to start the week . I lied about writing up on Orfeo after all, did spend all of my weekend working (and sleeping) instead (it usually takes up a bit of time for me to write…) but pretty much was summed up in my 2 line impressions… and I did re-listen to it 4x, really like the orchestra!

anyhow, during the weekend, i saw this clip again

and thought i should really catch on to Simone Kermes, coz generally whatever I heard from her I like… and it turned out she was on radio live earlier today, duetting with Sonia Prina, still available for re-listen the next 7 days at Ö1-radio

Done with radio concert, the last aria was great fun, the audience joined in clapping mad. So i now off to search for her on YT singing Mozart and Handel, here’s mozart live, and handel, like!


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4 Responses to music to start the week

  1. earwormopera says:

    Thank you for the link to the Kermes/Prina concert – that is going to be this evening’s listening for me!

    • thả diều says:

      i a bit confused, think i only heard Simone Kermes, Prina might either be the first voice or in last 10min coz i made it 1hr20min and there’s no duet! but generally, i really like the warm tone of Kermes, and i actually much prefer her slow pieces, she can really express emotion with her voice there. (and somehow she reminds me a bit of Patricia Ciofi…)

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