finally home, after many days, with detours to parts where election results were met with mourning reception.. where i couldn’t follow the news except a brief moment opening the computer to see obama won… back, to where i was told people celebrate on the street, where hausmate opened champagne, that would have been more like it.  but in a way, subtle happiness is better than disastrous anticipation a-la 2nd bush reelection… all in all, very happy to be back to my own turf. hausemate saved a stack of newspapers for re-reading…

so, i wanted to say a whole lot more on flight back, but this was also quite a personal trip so best to keep it at that.  though it crossed my mind had obama lost i’d not come back to that location despite the deep life experience/attachment i had shared with the folks…

anyhow, subtle things to pay attention to with the re-election include of course the implementation of the healthcare system which i can’t wait to see started, as well as continuation of emphasis on education and equality, and implications for supreme court justices.  and for the record, yours truly voted also for (a) elizabeth warren, (b) assisted end of living. (c) take $ away from military to put into education.  happy to be back to a very blue town. so, how about a nice piece of music to celebrate as hausmate put it: “it’s better to have a bad cold than a bad president”.


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6 Responses to back

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Good to see you back, Dr T, and with a stunning piece of music ( new to me, so thank you! )

  2. earwormopera says:

    I was glad about Warren’s win as well.

    • thả diều says:

      i didn’t know much about her until now 🙂 . politics aren’t quite my strength but i glad to join in just in time for such an important race. too bad assisted end-of-living was defeated… just read the harvard crimson newspaper, 99% of princeton’s donors chose obama… and what a contrast of image, burning of obama signs you mention vs. impromptu harvard marching band playing national anthem in freezing temp when result was announced…

      • earwormopera says:

        Yeah, definitely some regional contrast there – I guess we can only hope that the sign-burners represented only a very small fraction of the students. I’m glad the students at Harvard got a chance to celebrate: and the band gets props too for playing in the freezing cold 🙂

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