sports update

nothing major, haven’t followed much of anything 1.ffc.frankfurt has done (i should) because we actually have a league of our own here between departments, co-ed “c-league” for the sort of beginners like me.  Due to lack of time/games/etc., they merged “c” and “b” leagues together, and one way led to another, we were in the final today against the all-spanish team.  These are quite serious guys, all dressed up in their national jerseys, muuuch more skillful than yours truly,  talked A LOT (in spanish) during the game as it should be, calling out where to pass, loads of dribbling, very nice 1-2 passings.  sadly, we lost in overtime 1-3 after 1-1 tie @ end of regulation, though we had our chances with one nice shot hitting the cross bar during regular time.  Haven’t run that hard in quite a while, ankle fully swollen now and legs want to fall off, but it felt GREAT.  As usual, yours truly played “right back”, the only possible position.   Couple of times, due to sub pattern, landed in mid-center/mid-back with disastrous outcomes and aimless runs.  Luckily more skillful people on our team noticed and quickly swapped to send me back to right defense!  Can’t remember the 2nd goal, but both 1st and 3rd came sort of at my expense, though I don’t feel totally bad coz these guys are just bigger, faster, much more organized, altogether above my league :-).

Post game strategy discussion with the bulgarian colleague here offers muuch insights:

The few times the ball got behind me were due to their nice communication and passing between guy #1 and #2, with yours truly trying to defend: #2 can either run inside or down the sideline and receive a pass from #1.  May be we do need a “coach” to discuss how it’s done coz those guys are very pin-pointing with their passes, and occasionally have #3 zooming down the sideline, in which case I was not sure which guy to cover (though it seems the understood rule is to cover whichever guy running fastest toward our goal with the ball on the right side…)  According to the drawing, the circles are mid-right who must drop back to either cover #3 or run toward goal (coz he’s much stronger and taller than me) and prevented #2, then yell in my direction to take #3.  In any case, it wasn’t so much that they scored on that side.  As much as I wish to clear the ball faster, i was outclassed :-).  But it was a great game, very nice to play with them coz that’s really how you improve.  seems very competitive these guys, taking their national sport with great pride. post-game, they even had a team photo!!  Altogether, great great season, which sadly comes to an end, just when yours truly is in shape… time for hockey…

(ps- hope phil jackson will coach the lakers!)

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5 Responses to sports update

  1. Eyesometric says:

    … “time for hockey” … or ballroom dancing?

    • thả diều says:

      survived 1st hockey game of season, fell down 20000 times 🙂 maaaaany things will be sore tomorrow

      • Eyesometric says:

        Still – survival feels good, doesn’t it? 🙂

        • thả diều says:

          and yet more surviving, this time of some a*hole tripping me on ice which sent whole right hand + shoulder out of commission last few days :-). those guys, i really thing they have low esteem issue, who on earth would show up at a beginner’s game and trip up people on skates!! the funny part of course is that my inability to get up off the ice is seen as “really enthusiastic” and “going all out” by teammates who are much better yet continuing to congratulate me (it’s really rather funny). But the idea is to have fun of course, and that i have. still think i need to invest in a pair of hockey “shorts” to really learn the art of “stopping”!

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