music into the night

note the absolute lack of content recently :-), i’ve been working very hard, cancelling all traveling plans for thanksgiving and xmas… not sure how yet to survive in the deserted town… but, finally there’s progress! loads of looking at Atlantic to finally realizing it was the Pacific that’s been troubles all along… so, i’ve missed a TON of local performances… but to my delight, the NEC has its own YT channel !! and they’ve uploaded some reallly nice concerts which i’ve heard live and have been re-listening many times this year…

so, here’re a couple of clips to start sunday (very late) evening:

duet mezzo to woodwinds:

duet violin + viola (looove the viola’s sound)

more links of that Orfeo ed Euridice can be seen at the NEC channel, including Amore & duet.  starting the week in style, yay.

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5 Responses to music into the night

  1. yvette says:

    I enjoyed these extracts on the site tremendously. Very promising singers! Now you found the right Ocean business could you relax a bit?

  2. Eyesometric says:

    Likewise. I have listened several times to all the Orphée extracts and really enjoyed them. Proof, if ever it were needed, that singers and conductors can work together very successfully without seeing each other!

  3. stray says:

    BEMF Orfeo (Monteverdi) at NEC this weekend, still tix available last I looked 🙂

  4. thả diều says:

    thanks Yvette. the ocean business is not crashing but not entirely cooperating either, surely to keep me busy, in addition to the ice business which floats on top :-). Can you believe such cool performances are free and abundant at the NEC!!

    Eyes, i wanted to say many times actually, how much i enjoyed the conductor’s take. I think in general, when the support is great for the singers, minor details are sharply enhanced (in such ways you find something new listening), i attribute it the conductor’s knowledge and ability to bring such points across. In particular, the excerpt above was something i greatly enjoy and even had to go back to several previous recordings to see why i have missed it :-). Surely having the woodwinds at the same level as the singers really help, coz i noticed it immediately in the hall.

    Stray, thanks, this is the 3rd time you gave me the link :-). Not sure why but i’ve been short of sleep lately and a bit hesitant to show up on pieces i don’t know (in addition to the fact i’ve been sitting too long at work back is killing me so think i need to go running instead of more sitting… sadly… though i’d like to attend boston baroque’s messiah coming up soon…)

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