radio alert, nina stemme live now

edit3: think this is the re-listening link.
on radiofrance, concert from Paris:
. .
. . .
11th December Concert will begin at 19:00 hours GMT, 2PM EST.
Stemme sings Grieg, Sibelius, Weill, Wagner et al in Paris
Nina Stemme, soprano, and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra conducted by Thomas Dausgaard. program . i think there should be archived for 7-days, you know i gonna re-listen many times.
well, here’s what Nina Stemme was singing, very cool!!

while you probe around radiofrance website for re-ecoute link, check out an interview with Anna Caterina Antonacci, my french is a bit too broken to make out what she thinks of the staging, i can only hear she said she accepted it…


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22 Responses to radio alert, nina stemme live now

  1. earwormopera says:

    Listening to it right now 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      the music is sooo different in mood compared to the typical handel stuff i listening to everyday , sort of fitting with the view outside of brick-buildings hidden within trees sans leaves . besides beethoven’s stuff, i don’t know any of these works, but quite like both music and her singing (and the orchestra)

  2. thả diều says:

    what was that? Brahms? that was beautiful

  3. earwormopera says:

    Yup, that was from Berlioz’s Nuits d’ete. The program I see online seems to be a little different from the concert – the song about Jenny who couldn’t make up her mind wasn’t on the list! I wonder what that was? The announcer I think said it was by Kurt Weill.

  4. earwormopera says:

    Andrews gets some pretty acrobatic staging for that clip!

    • thả diều says:

      yes! i was amazed how flexible she was (and how nice she danced). i guess as part of being an excellent artist you’re also quite good in almost everything else. i was wondering if it’s somehow a sort of patched-up special effect, but i guess not back in those days (1960s? 1970s?)

      • stray says:

        Julie Andrews playing Gertrude Lawrence singing Lady in the Dark, just makes my brain hurt, but not necessarily in a bad way.

      • Eyesometric says:

        Andrews learnt to dance at an early age as an aunt had a small dance school. She joined her parents in their music hall act so would be well versed in theatre craft by the time her voice developed and she starred in the West End in the fifties. She would have been 33 when she did the film Star.
        I love the lyrics to this number!

      • thả diều says:

        vhy hurt Stray? well i have to thank Ms. Stemme for bringing this song (and the lovely julie andrews) to my attention.
        oh, thanks Eyes! that explains why she danced sooooooo well, i’ve always admired her dancing (and singing, though in some cases she gives me a splitting headaches thanks to high notes 🙂 ).

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