all things antonacci

to start the new year.  i thrilled to find this!

actually over the holidays, i listened to quite a bit of music while playing with 10 little kids (the newly born one spent his time coooing at me, waaaaay adorable)… including that newly posted VK’s full “L’italiana in Algeri” version with beyond frustrating sound issues in the first 2/3 of video… so, i want that whole video above.  Only 2 clips up on the net, here’s again Ms. Antonacci’s take on “Non piu di fiori”:

In addition, she gave a very nice extended interview on her repertoire and Les Troyens here. Lastly, if after those clips above you still want more, here’s a very nice song cycle she performed live @ bbc proms (can’t remember which year…), link1, link2.

ps- that video with VK, though i found the camel particularly cute, can’t say i fully understand the staging, especially with those cyclists. But from the look of it, Isabela was destined to lead italia, and i ready to follow!

happy new years!


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4 Responses to all things antonacci

  1. Tove S says:

    Hey, this is the exact same staging/costume as the DVD with Graham/Naglestad. (It also features something like a huge, hollowed-out potato gliding by with Tito’s love in it. Not my favourite staging but Vitellia’s dresses are lovely and symbolically bloody, slashed etc.) So what is this – 2nd cast, a revival…? Reminds me of all those Capuletis with different casts but the same set (reddish, with stairs) and costume (black Romeo, white Julietta) out there on Youtube.

    • thả diều says:

      oh, i think any opera haus can use any staging they want no? it seems this staging has been around for a while, i don’t know which haus debuted it first, but i’ve already seen it with several other casts. In Garanca’s documentary you also see her discussing it. And if you look here VK also sang in it back in 1997 salzburg festival.

      • Tove S says:

        Ah yes, I hadn’t noticed that was the same one too. I just find it fascinating that directors wouldn’t rather realise their own visions than recycle someone else’s – I suppose it still costs a lot to rebuild it all somewhere else… And this particular staging… well, I do like Vitellia’s dresses, and the huge cube hanging over Sesto’s head in the final scene makes sense I guess but the rest of it, is it really worth recycling? Glass walls? 1800s Romantic costumes? Lots of fruit? Why?

  2. Eyesometric says:

    I’m with you on the weird L’Italiana staging but admiring the treacherous descent of the dodgey steps in high heels and the flourish at 2.05.35 🙂

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