updates and 2012 recap

January tends to turn out to be quite a busy month for some reason.. today was one of those with lots of mixed feelings as a dear friend left for the next career destination… project is still a struggle, but on the bright side i just found out they do sell “segmentation fault” and “NaN’s” t-shirts!! want!
so, as usual, wordpress sent me another annual report. given that this blog is supposedly about opera/music (and some life), i quite happy to see this

munich state opera house, I capuleti e i montecchi cast, alcina cast, toronto art center

munich state opera house, I capuleti e i montecchi cast, alcina cast, toronto Four Seasons Centre


On the academic side, the highlight was definitely the trip to the Seas, which truly opened new doors for me.

anywho, not sure what 2013 holds, but let’s hope for more understanding of the Oceans :-D, as well as more music + whiteshirt travels + funs in life.


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11 Responses to updates and 2012 recap

  1. yvette says:

    great moments shared here ! I was expecting your post daily ! Have even more fun this still very
    young year.

  2. Eyesometric says:

    Yvette always expresses it so well 🙂 I can only say “Ditto” and “Good to See You”!

  3. earwormopera says:

    I will echo Eyes echoing Yvette!

  4. Cat says:

    A great year indeed, add my echo.

    A little report from Zurich for you – I still don’t like Wagner (shock) but Harteros was drop dead fantastic and hearing her singing Wagner in a tiny house like Zurich was well worth the trip. Still not convinced by VK as a Wagner singer (but then I’m biased – lovin Handel and, err, pretty much hating Wagner). Neither I nor I think VK really wasn’t getting it the first two acts but when she came out for her queen of mean turn in the third act she really turned up the heat. But I just wish someone would put on more Handel, obviously I know sod all about singing but it just doesn’t come over as really ‘there’ they way Mozart, Bel Canto, etc does with her. Though as S mentioned maybe she just rocks those nasty roles better 🙂 Small aside – look out for baritone Markus Eiche – sang Wolfram and of all the men was the only one whose voice really stood out. Seems he’s in the ensemble at Munich now 🙂

    On other important WS news – VK was looking very hot! Great costume and oddly sexy grey wig in the last act…. Not that I could see that well as someone forgot her opera glasses… S! tsk, tsk… Probably distracted as she bumped into and chatted with Harteros not once but twice during our trip!!! First time I wasn’t there I was at a work meeting. But second time was at the train station this morning as S came to see me off. She said hi to her and congratulated her on her performance while I was right there and still I didn’t notice. Malfunctioning divadar clearly! Just as well really, would have been mortified obviously. Ignorance is bliss etc. Needless to say I utterly ignored the fact that AH was on the same train as me.

    Wee thought – can anyone British and/or who has seen the Looney Tunes’ opera spoofs ever take the opening overture of Tannhauser seriously…. I couldn’t that’s for sure. Between uncomfortable associations (esp. this weekend) and sniggers it does take the edge of the attempt to engage with Herr W. “I killed the wabbit, I killed the wabbit….”

    Overall glad I went even if not converted to the dark and very very long side. But as far as VK goes – roll on Der R!

    • Eyesometric says:

      Thank you!!!!!! 🙂

      • Cat says:

        You’re welcome, dropped this here as I know what a huge AH fan Dr T s 🙂

        Hoping to have rather more to say re. VK when Der R rolls around…

        • thả diều says:

          i caaaaan’t believe you didn’t notice AH on the same train ;-). thanks so much again for the very nice recap. and yes, pleeeease keep me updated on Der R… still have to think of vhat i’ll present at this conference in Switzerland, but i’ll come up with an abstract the next 3 days. (ps- b/t your recap and Yvette’s, i’d have loved to see her in (my first ever Wagner) all the same, but as always, the atlantic is demanding attention 🙂 ). Back to workshop now… (had to get up this morning at EIGHT am!!)
          (ps2- i’m totally w/ you on the niiiiice costume. still debating on that grey wig as i’m much more in favor of the all black-shiny version…)

          • Eyesometric says:

            Black and shiny for me too.
            Eight a.m. !!!!!

          • Cat says:

            it was worse (or better depending on your tolerance for off stage encounters with divas, from my point of view was probably better!), didn’t notice her right behind me on the platform while S chatted to her. Seriously defective divadar.

            Get that abstract written now, expecting to see you in Zurich! Someone has to get a signed white shirt pic for Eyes and you know I can’t do the autograph thing…

          • thả diều says:

            ps- could i rely on you on ticket rope? back for 2nd day of workshop, fully prepared with caffein in hand… abstract in brainstorming stage… am also promised a possibility of visiting bulgaria! let’s see how schedule works out 🙂

  5. Cat says:

    Let me know what kind of ticket you’re aiming for….

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