just putting this up for myself coz am having a very hard time keeping up with this schedule concept these days… some up-coming broadcasts/concerts i’d like to listen/attend:

Fri, 01-Mar-2013, 1700GMT (1200EST) Mozart piano concert 20, link
Tue, 05-Mar-2013, 1900GMT (1400EST) Patrizia Ciofi sings Verdi’s La Traviata, link
Wed, 06-Mar-2013, 1930GMT (1430EST) Academy of Ancient Music plays Bach, link
Thu, 07-Mar-2013, 1830GMT (1330EST) Beethoven Emperor concerto, link

Wed, 06-Feb-2013, 1430GMT (0930EST) Hartelius + Bonitatibus + others, link over at Eyes’.
Fri, 08-Feb-2013, 1900GMT (1400EST) Berlioz “La Damnation de Faust” in Toulouse with Olga Borodina. link
Sat, 09-Feb-2013, 1315GMT (0815EST !!!) Anne Hallenberg sings Ferrandini’s Il pianto di Maria in Amsterdam. link or directly to radio4amsterdam. (Edit: here’s link for re-listening.)
Tue, 12-Feb-2013, 1930EST, Organ recital @ Harvard Memorial Church, free. link.
Wed, 13-Feb-2013, 1800EST, Afgan folk songs with Afgan Youth Orchestra @ NEC, free. link.
Same day, 2000EST, all-Hungarian program with NEC Philharmonia, NEC, free. link.
Sat 16-Feb-2013, 1930EST Chinese folk music @ NEC, link.

Fri 31-May-2013, 2000EST, Mozart mass in C minor with Chorus Pro Musica. link.

We went to the NEC’s performance of Britten’s “The turn of the screw” last night at the Cutler Majestic Theater, a VERY VERY nice evening. particular shout out to “Peter Quint”, and I quite like “Mrs Grose”, “Ms. Jessel” as well, and the “children” sang with their head voices (i think), which made the portrayal very realistic. Another shout out to the stage director AND the orchestra. we were sitting in row 4 (!!, same head level with conductor), though i should have just moved directly to row ONE to stare directly into the pit. The music is very very nice at times, loooove the use of woodwinds to create the hollow, haunted, panicky moods, especially during woodwind + voice duets. I also quite love the mix of piano music with strings. and lastly, loads and loads of drums, and REAAAALY LIKE the “church bell” (what is that instrument called??? i can’t find pix coz i don’t know the name, it’s vertical pipes and i think you use the hammer to play it…). On last note, the Cutler Majestic Theater is quite beautiful! especially from the orchestra level. Colleague and I agreed this was the first time ever we were that close to the action.

oh, here’s the photos from the staging + performance, via NEC’s fb page. that wooden “curtain” is awesome.

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8 Responses to schedule

  1. yvette says:

    Hello thà dièu! I rejoice ! these links are fantastic and of course one is a star for me! the Toulouse one! Olga Borodina …what a voice, had the opportunity to attend her Verdi’s Requiem last year in Montpellier. Thanks! I hope every thing is fine onyour side of the world!

  2. Eyesometric says:

    The instrument sounds like tubular bells, sometimes called chimes

    Sounds like a super production!

  3. thả diều says:

    hi Yvette! I like listening to Borodina too, though not managed a live performance yet… hope your world + music travel is still going strong, i’lm still looking for the “like” button on your blog post :-).
    oh Eyes, thanks! is it the same as chimes? the one i saw were hanging free (i think) in an array, each tube as round as my forearm, gave out niiiiiiiiice ringing/echoing sound. i forgot to charge my camera, otherwise we would already have nice photos here to look at and discuss 🙂

  4. thả diều says:

    huh? where’s Berlioz and Borodina?? the listing disappeared form worldconcerthall calendar and am now listening to Beethoven’s violin concerto…
    ps- thanks Eyes, yes i saw the photos, they’re not quite what i saw at the theater… may be i needed a closer look nxt time am at NEC.

  5. yvette says:

    Right the Toulouse Damnation de Faust vanished a pity ! it is played at Pleyel tonight but I cannot trace it on air… a pity really.

    • thả diều says:

      hi Yvette, may be we can have another take with Borodina and Marguerite, sun 24-feb from vienna, on this time (does it mean it’ll be a video stream??), 18.30GMT (19.30 Vienna time, 13.30EST), this time i’ll be awake, hurrraaaa (have been flipping schedule, best/most-productive has been up ~11pm, to bed 3pm…, but it’s rolling…)
      ps- oh, here’s the official link from, apparently it’s not live though i a bit confused by their explanation… ah ok, it was recorded on friday feb-22 and they broadcast it (video) on sunday 24-feb. great.

  6. thả diều says:

    (*&(*#$#, missed Ciofi again due to time mix up, GRRRRR, she’s now live from Turin (must already be 3rd act, near dying…)
    oh, currently duet with the father, just entered 2nd Act. I still miffed missing 1st act, grrrr.

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