Borodina and Berlioz

will be on 2nd half on Berlioz’ la damnation de faust, video stream from, now. with english subtitles too!!/tugan-sokhiev-la-damnation-de-faust-berlioz-musikverein-wien

Sunday 24-Feb-2013, 13:30 EST, 1830GMT,
Orchestre National du capitole de Toulouse
Olga Borodina: Marguerite
Bryan Hymel (Faust)
Alastair Miles (Méphistophélès)
René Schirrer (Brander)
Tugan Sokhiev conducts.

So, that’s a wrap up. the 2nd part seemed to have significantly more energy that first for some reason… first part felt somewhat dragging but 2nd part, you can feel the conductor’s direction a lot more. also, Ms. Borodina, very very very nice voice! and finally i pay attention to captions, the duet seemed to be most exciting actually, between her and Faust. I’ve been quite enjoying it and now seeing what they’re duetting about is even more fun. might end up posted both versions (this, though am worried ’bout copyrights, and VK’s version @ Weimar.)
ps- it seems available for re-play too, nice! may be i can run through 1st part again then…


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One Response to Borodina and Berlioz

  1. yvette says:

    Great! and yes replay is available, so we have got some time to listen and watch! I am not impressed too by le chef in the first part, a bit dragging on. Mephisto is not a great devil either… still it is enjoyable as always with dear Hector’s music .

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