bernarda fink sings ferrandini

edit: here’s the piece, uploaded on YT by a fan of baroque music.

now (or rather, in 10 min i think…), so happy the meeting didn’t run too long, she’s singing on 2nd half. detail: <– bbc radio 3 player

27-feb-2013, 19.30GMT
Live from the West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge
Academy of Ancient Music in Vivaldi, Albinoni and Ferrandini.
Ferrandini Il Pianto di Maria
Bernarda Fink, mezzo-soprano
Academy of Ancient Music
Rodolfo Richter, director & violin

link for replay, she checks in at about 16min20sec.
oh how cool, she’s singing it again today, 28-feb-2013 in Paris! broadcast on FranceMusique radio.

hmm, they’re still babbling about castratii, must be extended intermission. can’t wait…
how sad, the boy himself had to ask to be castrated…
???? where’s the program?? why is this castrati thing going on and on??

very beautiful, both her take and the absolutely gorgeous orchestra (though the earthquakes at the end could have been more forceful). highly recommended. i’ll re-listen for sure. really like her voice, leaves plenty of time to reflect as the piece stretches along.

while camping on radio3 waiting for re-play, i checked out the MET carmen, if that’s what they picked while swapping out VK, i not impressed. Also, with that staging, i think it’s a good idea VK didn’t sing Carmen there altogether. such a shame really, coz i’d have loved to see her on this side. hopefully she’ll take some more invitation in smaller concert halls (Jordan Hall perhaps? :-). how bit is Carnegie Hall?)

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3 Responses to bernarda fink sings ferrandini

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Carnegie Hall’s main auditorium seats 2,804 on five levels.
    Zankel Hall seats 599
    Weill Recital Hall seats 268 … so take your pick!
    I’m interested in this hall because of the Scottish connection.

    • thả diều says:

      ah, thanks Eyes, i’ll have to google where those other halls are :-).
      if you do have a chance, check out Bernarda Fink, no clue what she’s currently singing on FranceMusique radio but it’s trulllly gorgeous, her voice and the me-melting-into-puddle gorgeous violins…

      Edit: wow, that was breath-takingly beautiful, Antonio Vivaldi’s Sovvente il Sole, Ext. de l’Andromeda liberate RV Anh 117 (1726) , MUST search replay, m.u.s.t

      oh, now into extended intermission again. they take like a 1/2 hr intermission it seems… but she’s coming back for il pianto di maria again. so great to hear live 2 nights in a row.

      hurrah, re-listen link until 30-mar-2013.

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