(kernel) panic attack

"spring" view outside window yesterday

“spring” view outside window yesterday

all is settled. i’ve been checking mail and card charge last month, and already suspected the bayerische staatsoper won’t give me any tix for the harteros+kaufmann show… today they sent confirmation, shows are too much in high demand… On rather very related business, the conference has assigned a time such that FOR SURE i’d miss Nina Stemme’s Marschallin’s monologue if not more, GRRRRR. You know i got tix _not_ just for VK’s take… anyone know if they’d let you in at all if you arrive *late* at the Zürich opernhaus? (while we’re at it, allow me to vent: to all organizers of conferences (and may be weddings :-D), i’d really love it if you just hold it in a MAJOR city with BIG airport, not on some countryside remote towns.. may be it works for people from europe, but from USA, you arrive after very long hours with many connections, already pooped from jet-lag, then have to sort out trains + buses in foreign country for few more hours to some damn resorts… and yes, at (*&#%# resort, i have been assigned exact date of Der R’s performance, at an exact time when i should be heading for the train to Zürich, ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr)

ok, i nearly done ranting. in term of priorities, i’ve never put opera above work before… but it’s sooo tempting… but it’s work, c.a.n.’.t. s.a.c.r.i.f.i.c.e…. (still have a few months to internally discuss with double self!!)

Mendelssohn's violin concerto @ NEC

Mendelssohn’s violin concerto @ NEC

ok, other than that, the week has been extremely productive (aside from the daily frantic kernel panic crashes… the mac is now in its hospital, i back to ubuntu for a few days…) Last week, i did trek across the river in quite crappy weather for this very very nice Mendelssohn’s violin concerto at the NEC, suuuuch great fun. The first movement somehow seemed a bit disconnected, not sure why… but this must be the first time i realized there has to be some connection between the soloist’s music and the orchestra’s, shouldn’t there be?
Anywho, it wasn’t soo evident until the transition into the 2nd movement. And by the 3rd, the soloist yoyo-ingly tossed a little tune to the orchestra to have it swinging fully back, the whole show rocks. loads of little chase, give and take, giggles, and the final run had me truly grabbing on to the handle bar of the seat. great fun! (and what a HUUUUGE contrast to Tchaikovsky’s 6th symphony that followed, talk about mood issue, one better be stable in the mind listening to that piece. it apparently had also a memory overload effect coz i once during coming out time listened to this piece everyday, serious stuff i tell you 🙂 . there’s also some discussion about the “odd” timing of the valse movement (4/5 or 5/6 or something of that nature…), sounds really good to my ear, but already there you can tell it’s not the valse that provides uplift to the spirit but rather one to tell you to best just drop the shoulders and give up..). Anyhow, here’s a link to the NEC’s concerto performance, they record a lot of theirs live for relistening.

NEC Philharmonia, Biss / Rouse, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky.


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9 Responses to (kernel) panic attack

  1. Sally says:

    thank you for the NEC link. The view from your window is lovely.

    • thả diều says:

      hello Sally :-). you’re welcome. the concert was very lovely, i have been waiting for a couple of days for them to post the link, now just waiting for them to post some photos too.

  2. Eyesometric says:

    Gorgeous snow photo Dr. T!
    Was it only 1 week ago when you thought your Spring had truly arrived and were prepared to hibernate? 🙂
    Yes, the second movement of the Tchaikovsky is in 5/4 (2+3) – which can engender a mood of unease in the listener expecting a traditional waltz feel.
    Really sorry that your opera plans have been scuppered 😦

    • thả diều says:

      oh Eyes, 5/4 (2+3): vhat’s dat? 🙂 . what is that “4” for? the beginning of that valse sounds to me similar to his valse movement in the serenade for string too…

      • Eyesometric says:

        The top number in the time signature tells you how many beats in a bar and the bottom number what kind of beat, in this case crotchets. An odd number like 5 is divided into conducting patterns which could be 2+3 or 3+2. This particular piece is too fast to see the individual beats so the conductor smoothes it out into a floaty “down&up” !
        btw have you noticed that WordPress has done away with Comments I Have Made on the dashboard?

        • thả diều says:

          :-). thanks. i will get this whole beat 2/3/4/5 thing sorted out one day, probably with someone in front of me drawing :-).
          no, i didn’t notice that, i guess i don’t normally look at that. but what i did notice was somehow i don’t get notice anymore when someone replies to my comments…

          • Eyesometric says:

            Yes, those alerts were very handy – the orange square still seems to pop up on the home page.
            Next time I’m in Boston I would love to draw some numbers for you 🙂

  3. earwormopera says:

    Ah, it sucks you might miss part of Stemme’s performance! (I would love to hear her sing that role.) Conference organizers should stick to cities with easy transit connections.

    • thả diều says:

      i know, 1/2 hr of non-interupting Stemme’s monologue, i can already hear it in my head! still brewing the decision… though after a productive week it seems to hit the wall again so must fight Atlantic once more… afterall, if Atlantic is really brewing (good for career) one must sacrifice ms. Stemme for sure… hic.

      ps- let me spend this space to also spam Stray :-). might you happen to have Harteros as the countess, this one? or any live one with her? after an afternoon scavenging, i ended up w/ Röschmann‘s full recording from vienna… but would reeeeallly looooove to get my hand on Harteros’ take.

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