radio alert

Ann Hallenberg sings Bach Matheauspassion today at 20.30pm local time from Rome (15.30PM eastern whatever time). here’s link.

edit: wordpress ate my link earlier, now updated. anyhow, am having a VERY HARD time getting on the RAI radio3 server, was working for only a brief moment, and now i can’t connect anymore. they must have been completely overloaded…. grrr
-scratch my complaint, it was my sound system deciding to have a mind of its own… now coming toward end of 1st half… hopefully i’ll settle in more in 2nd half. this piece, one has to be settled, not frantically running in from train station while sound system not functioning…
-“erbarme dich”… the violin is heart achingly beautiful. her singing is very sensitive as well.. along stop-on-track sort…
-i glad no clapping following that, rather leaving time for the chorus to slowly entered… truly tear inducing…
-“Aus Liebe will mein Heiland sterben” was great as well, not sure i liked the soprano’s voice originally but her take was very very sensitive, along with tempo…
-onto Können Tränen , the recitative just before was a bit hard on the attack i find but now the aria is very nice…
-onto “Ach Golgotha”, really like her take (her=Ann Hallenberg)… continuing to “sehet, jesu hat die hand”


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One Response to radio alert

  1. earwormopera says:

    Every time I try to catch something on RAI 3 I never manage to get it to work – I’m glad it worked for you!

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