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a link posted on VK’s fb fan page and reposted here. google translator seems to work great, such a fresh breath to monday. it never quite occurred to me to attend her recital before, but am now keeping an eye out (though not quite with Wagner… not advanced to that yet…)


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  1. Isabela says:

    After reading a bit my eyes got a bit tired of Spanish and I also google translated it. But such an honest and great interview, one of the things I admire in her is that she lives by her own rules, not subcumbing to the bussines rules. that’s why her artestry is so unforgetable and amazing, she’s her own self, no one else and never trying to please anyone, because, as I’ve heard Thomas Hampson once say, “If you sail on the winds of approval you are bound to crash in the rocks of depression” Have a great weekend!

    • thả diều says:

      thanks for swinging by Isabela! i had listened to many many of her recordings and live concerts on youtube but during my first extended live experience hearing her (alcina in wien), she left me puzzled at times. the voice she chose had a much darker shade, borderlining growling at times, and the acting quite bossy and intimidating at times… I must admit without seeing her live often, i didn’t really know if that was in general her style of singing and acting, or whether it was how she wanted to portray ruggiero in general and in that production in particular.

      two years past before i had another extended experience to hear her live again, 5x as romeo in i capuleti e i montecchi in munich last spring (btw, if u want to see it, we can arrange, on one of the nights it was broadcast live on the internet, the VK’s crowd was in a buzz watching and commenting, and got the goodies afterward too). No matter how many times you have seen her on youtube, i think the first impression still sticks for a long time. i arrived in munich really wondering if she would sing and act the same way as in alcina, i.e., is that just her style no matter what she sings… this mindset was rather due to influence of all the negative jabs on the internet labeling her “mannered” and all that… She absolutely floored me with her exceptional musicianship. and that, along with the entire series of concerts followed, truly changed my way of thinking of what music making means, in a similar way conductor Kamdzhalov said in his interview during the concert series with her last June.

      anywho, didn’t mean to write an essay here, though it is my blog :-D. this series, all within a span of 2 months, progressively made me understood her goal of communicating via music, in such a way that it (the music) touches you deeply.
      i capuleti e i montecchi (i wrote 5 extended posts back in may last yr 🙂 )
      la mort de cleopatre (2 days after romeo)
      il pianto di maria in Helsinki (there’s also Handel which i haven’t uploaded. the other versions on YT has sound messed up which quite bothered me 🙂 )
      Handel’s Messiah. This last one, i really regretted there was no recording, as i was very certain she would have enlightened me greatly in the same piece of music i’ve heard hundreds of times before.

      With the videos from her visit to Moscow 2 years ago, concerts with Helsinki Baroque, and now touring in South America with all your fantastic reports, it seems she’s taking her time spreading the music world wide :-). Let’s hope this string of outreach efforts will eventually reach the US shore (despite twisted standard of smooth singing with even voice across range…), who knows.

      viva la kasarova 🙂

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