chest chess staring

no no, it really is chess, i just self amused how close the prononciation is…
spilling of a fb conversation, here’s fun for a relaxing saturday night. I’ve been staring at it for more than ~2 hrs now, thought i had a move for green, but now… back to thinking…that middle finger suggestion seems like a good one, though needs lots more planning… talk about mind being out of shape! and when little i seemed to make much more snapping decision too, never would have sat through this long thinking :-D. Grand-dad on the other hand, once dragged me through a 1.5 day match! He would totally be red here with cleverly placed pieces for defense too, though he’d have NEVER lost a bishop like in this case…


So, this is not just simply about chess. I quite convinced the world we grew up in really influences how we think, sort of relating to how language development shapes ways of constructing sentences and reasoning. There’re two fundamental differences on this board compared to western chess: (1) cell corner vs cell center and (2) odd vs even. Just my theory: if you grow up in grid-corner and odd world, the brain is so shaped that way it can be quite confusing in the grid-center and even one, to a point one is constantly reminded how not quite belonging and how much lacking in intuition one is in situations in the new world.

This board speaks to me. the pieces immediately emerged from the table, rotated in 3D, and the mind is immediately brought into the center of the battle for strategizing. This board, however, is like English singular/plural + verb conjugation. one can sort it out eventually, but the mind is constantly in scrambling mode. I very convinced if i were introduced to both even + odd world at young age, the mind would have opened up quite a bit :-D. (and the more reasons i think little nieces and nephews should be introduced to different things at young age to be aware of all worlds).

On a rather related note, i did discuss making attempt to learn German at some point down the line! as well as learning a bit of music theory :-). well, they’re still on the planning list, last 2 years had been used learning the language of oceanography, so time is not wasted. But! those “new” german tenses and how many variety of plurality there are, MAN!

Anyhow, nothing much to report musically except i did attend my annual dosage of Bach Matthew Passion and spent rest of time intensely learning exciting phase diagrams and mush layer physics over birthday week. Today was supposed to be 1st game of season but all was canceled, so back to relax and chess before a road trip. 4 modelers in a car, that ought to be fun. hopefully concert attending schedule should resume starting next week. am crossing fingers this cold and wet weather continues for 3 more weeks so that all trees and flowers are washed down the gutter instead of flying in the air :-D.

Edit, 5am Sun 14-apr:
ok, after another 1hr and much thought, i made a (rather very conservative+cautious) move. lost quite a big momentum there, could be a big mistake since opponent really just wait for you to fall 1 step behind to launch attack… but i really no like to potential of the red cannon moving 1 step to left and interfere with green (my) knight + castle. this is quite fun, i shall don the red hat tomorrow night and make counter move 🙂
23h25, 14-apr, red counter move.


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10 Responses to chest chess staring

  1. Dr.Dog says:

    “4 modelers in a car..” Can I ask what you model?

  2. Cat says:

    Well after our FB conversation I’d have to say both boards confuse me 🙂 But thanks An the corner versus centre is certainly a fascinating cultural difference to mull over..

    Your description of moving between the boards makes a pretty good job of describing the joy and pain of being an ethnographer… Constantly putting yourself into other people’s worlds and finding yourself where on the one hand it feels like it ought to make sense (especially in my line which is mostly fieldwork in Western cultures) – and in fact if you are inexperienced or not careful it can appear to – but it so doesn’t and oughtn’t. The beautiful bit is when you apply the ethnographer’s methods for unscrambling it all and suddenly it does ‘become 3d’! Now if only I could get that to work for learning German too 😉

    looking forward to many interesting chats in Zurich – maybe we can get Susanne to give us a couple of German lessons too 😉 and very relieved to hear you we’re out of town yesterday

  3. jcmwee says:

    Dr T. No idea how to reach you, but thinking about you and your city atm. Stay safe.

  4. Dr.Dog says:

    I’ve just been watching the horrific footage on the news – I hope that you, your loved ones and friends are safe and didn’t come to harm.

  5. thả diều says:

    Thank you all, jcmwee, Sarah, and Cat for checking in. Our team was away just for 1 day and was lucky to not get harmed, but on the 5 hr drive back we were full of sadness listening to the radio. i hope those injured will recover well and have the strength and resiliency to face life moving forward. i’m very sad the city i love and call home landed on the news for the wrong reason. here’s to solidarity and peace

    • Cat says:

      Boston’s a great place, reminds me of Glasgow very much. Tough days ahead but peace, solidarity, and music are all good things to remember.

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