music for the peaceful night

Mozart to some random thoughts. I woke up today and for a brief moment wondered if yesterday really happened. Walking on the streets, it did occur to me being holed up with police/military/unknown people with guns running on the outside for only one day was quite un-nerving. What about those in conflict zones where living in fear and being holed up is part of every day lives? The gross generalization i read on internet or heard on the news worries me, as well as the round up and categorizing of “goods vs evils” for convenience. Today in cambridge, it appears as if life is back to normal, the sail boats are out, the sun is setting peacefully with beautiful reflection on the river, shops reopening, pedestrians chit chatting. As part of the conversations, I hope more people will discuss conflicting situations around the world as well instead of simply putting a new “word” they heard (Chechnya) into the generalized religions and black and white baskets (while also mistaking it with Czech Republic). Going back to yesterday, it did also occur to me the potentially bad situation that could develope had the MIT police officer not stop those 2 guys, specifically where they were heading to with bags full of guns and other harmful things? Cambridge is such a small town that either you or someone you know could have crossed path with them that night… Anyhow, i’m very relieved they’re caught, that’s for sure, much appreciation to the law enforcement. More thoughts to the victims, especially those still in hospitals with multiple surgeries… As we all read about amputations this past week, I spent most of my time reading up on updates from the doctors, supporting networks for amputees and new technologies (at very high costs) for artificial limbs… Hope they will slowly and steadily recover from their injuries and move forward in life. For those living locally, there will be a benefit concert at MIT campus tomorrow for the victims, with details here and shown below.


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