schubert to start may

couple of close friends visited and i so glad we had a chance to stop by Jordan Hall on their last night. This was on the program, to the guitar accompaniment and Kim Kashkashian‘s solo viola. two of my favorite instruments! was so hoping they’d record it for re-listening but have been waiting in vain… Actually i think an intro to Lied via non-vocal instrument is a fantastic way to understand how shaping of phrases and shading go. She did it sooooo beautifully. Anyhow, here’s wonderful Schubert’s to start* the month

* start is right, i just hit the reset button thanks to blooming flowers… but all seems progressing in the right direction… reset button was also pushed for project!! less than 2 months before the promised presentation of results!!!


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  1. thả diều says:

    spamming my own reply box with Nathalie Stutzmann

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