had to wake up waaaaay early today for meeting, several alarms were set beginning at 6.45am… but i ended up waking 10 minutes before that laughing out loud from dream discussing music with VK!! First we were discussing Berlioz’ “La mort de Cléopâtre” (in french! before i ran out of vocab and switched to english…), on how I have listened to 2 versions with her singing and enjoyed much more the one with John Eliot Gardiner and the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks than the one in Graz last november… all has to do with the role of the orchestra. In one, the orchestra took the lead, set the scene, and she entered as a continuation, with both taking very active roles in building up the story and carrying it across in togetherness. For the other, she did the leading and telling on her own with the orchestra limping along as if it’s afraid to be featured at the same time with the voice (this reminds me a lot of my anger toward the orchestra last year in i capuleti in its inability to support and taking part along with her, especially in the entrance aria..) Anyhow, after that, she tried to get me to sing some notes with funny mouth/tongue positions (similar to how Bobby McFerrin is playing with the audience here, perhaps to demonstrate the point we all have music within us :-)), and i ended up making some super odd note that got me laughing so loud i woke up! was so ready to ask her if she’s planning to sing more stuff like “il pianto di maria” as well as what her schedule is for next year… but i guess that’s for the next dream.


hansaplastin some unrelated news, 2+ years after moving, i found the missing screw for the bicycle!! some screws are more important than others, and this one is up there in importance. Without it, the handle bar doesn’t talk to the wheel :-). anyhow, in my excitement, i took to bike out for a gorgeous planned trip to the beach in super nice weather… and took a crazy tumble over a damn ổ gà ** just as the trip got started… The point of this is my vouch for the amazing functionality of “hansaplast extreme” bandage, absolutely amazing stuff, got me almost forgetting about my various chunks of missing skins for the next 10+ hours cycling… After getting back, i search up and down everywhere and can not find it (or its sister version elastoplast, got myself patched up thanks to one person on trip who happened to have it bought from france) at all in the US… the stuff sold here is CRAP, we all know what i’ll haul back on my next trip to europe.

Anyhow, here’s music then to start June, same one i tuned this morning on train while remembering dream 🙂

*quote from “how to steal a million”.
** translation = chicken hole, coz that’s where we see chicken taking bath in vietnam


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4 Responses to togetherness*

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Ah, where would we be without dreams? … and MP3 players? …. and Elastoplast?

  2. earwormopera says:

    That sounds like a great dream!

  3. Cat says:

    Hopefully Zurich in Juli gives you lots of food for dreams 🙂

  4. idlehouse says:

    woa, nice beach! where did you go ?

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