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feels surprisingly warm and home-y here in Munich. birds are singing outside. you know the feeling sometimes when the inner body is simply happy and at ease? that’s generally the feeling i have here, wonderful friends, familiar “home”. am going to a “german play” tonight. Last time that happened, little sister and I got roped into “midnight summer dream” in Darmstadt to a full evening of german, will report how my language skill has improved since 2002. So, some very early impression of Zürich (<– found the keyboard shortcut for those umlaut!) and thus reflection of Munich…
Zürich is such a cute city small city, thing i loved the most is how people cross the streets. If you do that here in Munich methinks you'd get stared down and arrested :-). If i move to Europe, i'd go to Zürich but very often swing by Munich to get my monthly dosage of sausages + jamón.

I was trying to figure out the strange feeling i had yesterday in Zürich, think it has to do with having friends here in Munich on my trips the last 3 years vs coming to a completely new city totally jet-lagged wandering the streets this time around. Due to a little mixed up in the timing with host in combo with badly lacking sleep last 2 weeks while sprinting to sort out the Pacific, i ended up on the streets until just before the opera and must confess falling hopelessly asleep multiple times in the opernhaus last night… almost regardless of who was singing… and you know if Frau K sings and i sleep, it truly is time to go to bed. But before all that, i did take 4 roundtrips total between Zürich Hauptbahnhof and the opernhaus, all with details timing, 8-11min, while getting ready for the sprint this coming Tuesday…

But actually i did manage to stay awake for a large part of it, mainly all parts Octavian was moving about.. Let me search fridge for some jamón and bread for lunch, then will write up my impression and edit the post last night.


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3 Responses to home away from home

  1. Cat says:

    Just realised you are there as I’m watching… nice thought. Say hi to my lovely Munich for me 🙂 Really, really, really hoping things improve enough for me to manage to get to Zurich next week!

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