sweden vs germany

euro-2013 women football semifinal, currently playing
wooooow, it’s exciting… will have some live commentary here…

one can’t take the eyes off the screen, madness running from both sides… a very good early chance for Öqvist… they both play similar style of firing long passes… which is big contrast to the French/Spanish style…
a VERY good chance for Laudehr, but a terrible shot..
1-0 Germany on a toe-line extension from a VERY good pass from Mittag!! that Swedish defense has been a bit shaky…
WOOOW, a great pass right across german goal… but no reciever…
WOOOOOW, a nice pass from Schellin into penaly area but just a bit off… this has got the be one of the most exciting match i’ve seen… freestyle sprinting and attack from all sides…
WOOOW, ABSOLUTE FANTASTIC save by swedish goalie, madness scrambling in front of sweden goal
Fischer lucky not to get a yellow or a penalty… dangerous free kick for germany…
did i miss something? why did Laudehr get a yellow??

Absolute frantic pace… Sweden need to settle down a bit…
1/2 time! i go find a drink to cool down!

2nd half! let’s see if me heart can take… here’s to sweden putting together a nice run…

the last line passing from Sweden is not very good, they’re very fast, but the passing is just not accurate enough…

gosh, they really ned to improve their passing…

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23 Responses to sweden vs germany

  1. Dr.Dog says:

    Ohhhh who knew that football could be so interesting ! Do Sweden need a team doctor?

    • thả diều says:

      are you following the match? wow it’s exciting :-). i currently follow on a german feed… seems better than english channel…

      • Dr.Dog says:

        It’s on BBC Three which is amazing . I used to think I didn’t like football but it’s quite exciting isn’t it? The crowd are having fun too rather than jeering at each other and fighting.

        • thả diều says:

          oh wow, on BBC3 !! that’s great! as i suspect, when we thought we didn’t like something, it’s more because we haven’t watched the “right” thing 😉

  2. Dr.Dog says:

    It’s live on BBC three which is amazing. I have to say that I thought that I didn’t like football but maybe it was just the men’s game. It’s quite exciting isn’t it the crowd having fun too rather than jeering and fighting!

  3. Dr.Dog says:

    Goaallllllll !!!!!!!!

  4. Dr.Dog says:

    Aww offside

  5. thả diều says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hit the posttttttttttttttttttttt

  6. Dr.Dog says:

    Why won’t it go in the goal? Have been forced to change channel by better half – let me know who wins ? Go Sweden !

  7. thả diều says:

    argh, excellent miss-chance for seger… my nails are coming off…

  8. thả diều says:

    4 min added! 4min of extra life-line for sweden…

  9. thả diều says:

    wowow, one last chance, nice save by Angerer… that is it. Germany 1 Sweden 0. Germany to the final…. sweden is heart-broken.

  10. Dr.Dog says:

    Never mind Sweden well played all. Thanks Dr T!

  11. Eyesometric says:

    Norway v Denmark anyone?

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