norway vs denmark

so, just joined in right on time for Norway’s first goal. the Danish goalie got blocked by several of her own players while trying to back up to swat the ball… this will be a bit less screaming that yesterday i’ll admit because i don’t know either of the teams well enough… the woman on english feed quite got on me nerve…, so i currently on russian feed…
*this is like the slow-mo version of yesterday’s match…
*wow hit the crossbar
*argh, just lost russian feed, back to english feed which truly gave me a headache… currently searching for a french or german or any other language feed….
*wow, a niiice cross into norwegian penalty area…, both teams playing very cautious…
*urgh, vhat the heck was that free kick…
*ALMOST another goal for Norway
*half time already? man that’s a slow match…
*incredible save by Danish goalie on 53rd min, would have been 2-0…
*match is still on.. but that’s a wrap up for me. until the final…

*back after first batch of food of the day, an equalizer!!! time to resume watching!!
*absolute great chance for Norway. Danish defense is running AWAY from attacking player with the ball! quite often in fact, which is why Norway has so much room to pass around the goal…
*man, corners… always so chaotic for the Danes… everybody looked confused, almost a goal for Norway… onto penalty we go…
*confusion to start penalty shootout… seems to affect the Danish goalie the most, she hardly moved in all 4 kicks, not even jumping one side or another..
*Norway vs Germany in final. should be a good match.

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12 Responses to norway vs denmark

  1. Dr.Dog says:

    Ohhh Norway and Denmark how is a Moomin to choose a team ?

    • thả diều says:

      i currently cheering for Denmark as they’re currently behind :-). who is this woman commentator? i suspect you’re watching the same feed on tele, she really gives me a headache, argh

  2. Dr.Dog says:

    I’m going for the team in red as that’s the colour of the Welsh team. On bbc four is the Proms with Anthony Pappano who reminds me of a lovely Womble ..

  3. Dr.Dog says:

    Norway look dominant …

  4. Anik LaChev says:

    My livestream crashed in the second half ox extra-time… curses! I would have loved for Denmark to win once more, Such incredible fighting spirit!

    • thả diều says:

      mine crashed at exact same time too. was lucky to find the official feed from US website. penalty was quite a confusion, first something wrong the list of first 5 danish takers, then order was wrong… danish goalie thought she was defending first, but turned out at last minute a danish defender had to step up for penalty… it also looked like they were very tired from all the relentless attack to try to find the equalizer… i was disappointed with how Norway play.. and worry that’s how the final will look.

      • Anik LaChev says:

        I’m afraid of exactly the same thing – Norway is dead efficient and powerful, but it doesn’t have the elegance and creativity of Spain (who in turn lack goal danger) which is far more beautiful to watch for me, or the fire and sheer guts of Denmakr which made this game so exciting to watch.

        Either way, Germany (with a very young team) will have a hard time against Norway on Sunday – again.

        • thả diều says:

          woke up late for the match, as i knew a 10am time was just a bit much… but in time to see Norway almost scored a goal with a flick over Angerer but the ball rolled slowly just wide with everyone watching from behind… which then followed by the ball hitting the post for the german… lots of chances by both teams. i done rewatching whole match. So, that’s a wrap up. was a very good final game. Germany impressed me during their semi against Sweden… as always even when they don’t play well you have to respect them. but the last 2 games they played quite well, with an exciting attacking style. those quick one-touch passes where what generated the goal today, though big miscommunications within the norwegian defense leaving Mittag wide open also contributed. Speaking of Mittag she was very calm and collected in putting away that very nice pass. anyhow, some of those players are very young, but i think they have good mix of youngsters upfront and solid experienced defenders in Krahn and Bartusiak in the back… not to mention Angerer and her “thou-shall-not-pass” mentality (amazing saves of TWO penalties!!) .. Somehow unfairly i didn’t cheer for Norway.. perhaps it was their semi match… and defeating the fighting spirit of Denmark… in the end, altogether, a very good tournament.

          • Anik LaChev says:

            yes, exactly! It was overall a geat tournament to watch.
            Mittag got lucky that the defense all focused on Okoyino da Mbabi, but she hit it very calmly then. I would have given neither of the two penalties (who was that referee?!), but Angerer was amazing. It was probably her last big tournament and she went out with a fantastic show.
            I wasn’t impressed wiht the Germans in the group round, but these last two games, when they mixed more with the older generation (Mittag and particularly Laudehr), the team worked really well and did a good job.
            We were screaming our heads off during the entire final; balcony door was open and my neighbor offered to call us an ambualnce around the second penalty.

          • thả diều says:

            Anik, i think we need to get together to watch the matches one of these days. there’s nothing more exciting that having people screaming along with ;-). I think this is a good photograph to highlight the spirit. i found her 2nd save spectacularly amazing, though this photo is from the first. now time to go coffee and _start_ the day here. I thought your neighbor joined in screaming?? what the heck they thought you were cheering for?? 🙂

  5. Nana Achie says:

    I don’t know how this woman commentator got into the commentary box. I suspect she was watching tele. She doesn’t see anything good about any player. The Denmark keeper was blocked by her own players but she didn’t see that and blame her for the goal. This keeper to me was outstanding even the game against france but she was still commenting negatively. Please don’t get in there with biased mind or if you are not not good at something don;t get involved and throw your weight about. The Norway keeper was also very good. watch their match against spain again. Please some of us don’t want to hear your voice since you have nothing good to offer. You were boring me.
    Thank you

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