rachel harnisch to start the night

i in middle of flipping schedule again, just got up. lovely weather here, full moon, hoooowwwl.

So back in Zürich, i did mention 3 or 4 times i really like Rachel Harnisch’ voice. Her rendition of Brahms’ German Requiem is still available on bbc-3 radio, i highly recommend. Not just her take alone, but also the period instruments, the goooorgeous bass and chorus, and Marin Alsop’s direction from the podium. Dear british reader (Eyes), was it also on bbc4? i read somewhere it wasn’t avail on tv… also heard she (Marin Alsop) will be leading the proms final night… But back to Ms. Harnisch, i’ve been sampling a lot of her singing on YT, a full version of Pergolesi Stabat Mater with Claudio Abbado + Sara Mingardo, a live version of this piece of Mozart (<– the first 2 phrases should be VERY familiar to some of us, i scratched my head for quite a while trying to figure out where i heard it, then it all clicked!) I also heard a (pretty crappy audio) version of her singing the Countess' last aria from Le Nozze di Figaro, would reallly love to hear a full recording with her singing that role. To cap off, one last piece to roll into the night of work, a tango!

by Kurt Weill and Rodger Fernay

C’est presqu’au bout du monde
Ma barque vagabonde, errant augré de l’onde
m’y conduisit un jour.
L’ile est toute petite, mais la fée qui l’habite
gentiment nous invite à en faire le tour

Youkali, c’est le paie de nos desirs
Youkali, c’est le bonheur c’est le plaisir
Youkali, c’est la terre où l’on quitte tous les soucis
C’est dans notre nuit, comme une éclaircie,
L’étoile qu’on suit
c’est Youkali

c’est le respect de tous les voeux échangés
c’est le paie des beaux amours partagés
c’est l’esperance
qui est au coeur de tout les humains
La délivrance
que nous attendons tous pour demains
Youkali, c’est le paie de nos desirs
Youkali, c’est le bonheur c’est le plaisir
Mais c’est un rêve, une folie,
il n’y a pas de Youkali.

Et la vie nous entrainent, lassante quotidienne
Mais la pauvre âme humaine
cherchant partout l’oublie
A pour quitté la terre, se trouver le mystêre
Ou nos rêve ce terre en quelque Youkali

II is almost at the end of the world,
My meandering raft drifting to the edge
Took me there one day
The island is so small, but the fairy that lives there
Kindly invites us to take a tour.

Youkali, it’s the land of our desires
Youkali, it’s happiness, it’s pleasure
Youkali, it’s the land where we leave all our worries
It’s in our night, like an opening in the sky
The star we follow
That is Youkali.

is the respect of all vows exchanged
it’s the country of beautiful shared love
It’s the hope
that is at the heart of all humans
The deliverance
that we all await in our tomorrows
Youkali, it’s the land of our desires
Youkali, it’s happiness, it’s pleasure
But it’s a dream, a folly
There is no Youkali.

And life, wearisome, banal, drags us,
but the poor human spirit,
searching everywhere to forget it
in order to leave The Earth, knew to find the mystery
Where our dreams land, in some Youkali.


About thả diều
writing-challenged opera-addict

17 Responses to rachel harnisch to start the night

  1. Eyesometric says:

    No the Brahms was not on TV but Alsop’s Last Night will be. I just happen to have made a requiem capture & can send a link if you would like?

    • thả diều says:

      oh thanks Eyes! yes could you send me link? i actually made capture too but the darn site kept me disconnected repeatedly so the whole piece was chopped into 5 chunks grrr

  2. Tove S says:

    I love Youkali! All thanks to Anik who used it in her story. I prefer it sung by someone like Ute Lemper though, not in the “operatic” fashion. That said, this is definitely one of the better operatic versions I’ve heard, perhaps the best – her voice is smooth and warm and dark, not shrill.

    • thả diều says:

      oh? Anik wrote about it? i must go digging then :-). must admit i haven’t quite gotten to reading those stories for fear once hooked i’d spend more time reading!

      probably it’s a matter of which version one listens first. I did listen to Ute Lemper, Fassbaender, Stutzmann… and liked both this one and Ute’s. but as you said they’re quite different… first i thought it’s one of these cross-overs with opera singers taking on musical pieces but i read somewhere though that this is one of the most operatic piece composed by Kurt Weill (who was in exile at the time…) (speaking of cross-overs, have you heard Nina Stemme singing Kurt Weill’s saga of Jenny? a couple of us heard live and thought it was absolute rocking… and of course vaaastly different than version by Julie Andrews..)

      • Tove S says:

        I actually can’t remember which version of Youkali I heard first. It works in the “operatic” fashion as well, just not my preference. I never really “got” Jenny, in any of the versions I’ve heard. The first I heard was by Nina Simone, I don’t think I’ve heard Julie Andrews sing it. Anyway, to me the song is just too dramatic and noisy and not melodic or musical enough I guess. I’m such a sucker for catchy tunes.;)

  3. thả diều says:

    welcome to thadieu’s night-run ramblings. i love waking up at 11pm actually, had time for “breakfast”, chitchatting with siblings, settling in with work and composer of the night: donizetti
    1) Le Duc d’Albe
    2) Maria Stuarda

    actually i already listened to 1hr of (1)… but off the corner of eyes “Antonacci+Devia” was just waaay too irresistible so i gave in.. clicked on link… and the overture has convinced i should stay here, so we’ll put ms. Harnisch aside for the moment and move forward with the latter stellar cast… (but to note: (1) was quite interesting in that there was only ONE female character, so whenever a female voice came up you know it’s her!)

    — oh how nice, english subtitles on (2) to boot
    — wow that was some really impressive singing from Devia, standing high waving, then marching to the guillotine… but what is THAT behind Antonacci’s neck?? her singing was VERY impressive too.. but neck thingy…

    • thả diều says:

      up on bright sun-rising sunday at 6am, i almost lost on what to do.. 6am, what a concept…
      so, looks like another beautiful and productive day coming up, might even have time to stroll street while the sun is shining… but back to music selection to start the working day:

      quite slowing down time beautiful. for some reason i’ve never heard Schubert mass before.. it was part of this spectacular program anyhow, since can’t find the whole show on YT, i’ll have to settle for a different version of the complete mass, currently still searching..
      – Harnoncourt is always a good place to start, here’s live concert (1) to start, also with Miah Persson.

    • stray says:

      The headsman will have to remove that mic cable.

      • thả diều says:

        oh you think it’s a mic too? that’d be strange.. coz i wouldn’t think she needs one… perhaps as the met claimed, it’s “only” for dvd recording purpose… she has a very elaborate costume w/ head gear at opening scene so i also thought it was part of the costume…

        • stray says:

          I would think body mics for video recording would be a given, since they have to mix the sound, and blocking and scenery can play havoc with acoustics.

  4. stray says:

    Armadillo SQ did a cool string quartet version as well.

    And thanks for the Duc d’Albe link, Dr T, saves me some hunting 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      oh, thanks Stray, it’s going in playlist now (after tancredi, am having a 12hr binge of belcanto, 2 donizetti, 1 l’italinana, now 1/2 way thru tancredi.. )
      ps- this one has explanation from conductor and more if you understand dutch.. i must say the music is pleasant to listen to but probably need a video to see things, link (1) way above is only audio…

      ps2– Armadillo SQ very nostalgic.. love the scratching at the end too, those big black disc, vinyl they call it?

      ps3- i done w/ Duc d’Albe, the ending is VERY weird, like music from another time… and quite dragging…

  5. thả diều says:

    picking up trail, Mahler to start an early monday morning in the office. here’s text and translation.

  6. catatsea says:

    Classic line An – “there’s way too much male singing! who are all these guys?”

    White Shirt Fridge magnet candidate?

  7. catatsea says:

    oops comment in wrong post somehow! that was meant for the Don Carlos review…

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