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i still trying to get a hang of this early schedule concept. the hardest thing to cope with is that my favorite boba milk tea shop doesn’t open until 12.30pm… but early mornings (just before sun-rise) are actually very nice and quiet where one can settle (then the trash truck comes and all hell breaks loose).. so while settling, i came across this SUPER long interview with Christiane Karg, a singer i’ve never heard sung (live or on YT) but apparently she was the one in the freezer in Rameau’s “Hippolyte et Aricie” that everyone was talking about this past summer. furthermore, she’s singing Sophie in the upcoming Der R at vlaamseopera, a production which just from the lovely staging photo alone makes me want to see… in fact they have sooo lovely photos and great staging ideas for what seems like all their operas, what a great house! (we all remember that lovely staging of the recent Agrippina…)

©vlaamseopera/Veerie Frissen

©vlaamseopera/Veerie Frissen

Anyway, the interview is quite long, though much to my surprise i read all the way to the end. very interesting points on singing French, Mozart’s recitative (and Harnoncourt), German folk songs, staging of above mentioned Rameau’s, and much more. very insightful. perhaps i’ll search for her YT videos toward the end of the day… (a soprano right from beginning can result in splitting headache the full day…)


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4 Responses to morning read

  1. earwormopera says:

    I’ll have to make that interview my post-teaching decompression reading! It looks really interesting.

  2. I betcha none of those photos on their website has anything to do with what will end up being actual productions… Why do theatres and opera houses do that, dammit, do a photo series for the entire season in a common style, that will have zilch to do with any individual production…

    • thả diều says:

      oh you don’t think so? now i disappointed coz i was under the naiive impression the photo is part of staging!! so while searching on google for the promo-photo for agrippina (which i haven’t found), i ended up on Renata Pokupić ‘s official fb site with tons of really fun photos of that productions plus more.

      ps- ok, found it, not quite looking like the staging… but given what i’ve seen from them, i wouldn’t be surprised if the staging is better than promo-photo.

  3. Yeah, their Agrippina sets and costumes were inspired by *Dallas*, the TV show from the eighties.

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