music @ 2am

i had plans to sleep early, but then first fighting with cloud in the Arctic, then ocean, then… re-listening to a radio broadcast of VK singing Offenbach’ Orphée aux Enfers… and ended up getting starting with this.. (oh, on side note, i’m also cooking up next season of travel… with hopefully stops in New York, Paris, Grenoble, Madrid, Munich, Zürich, Salzburg… that is if a meeting doesn’t just pop up and cooking goes down the drain…) anyhow, loooovely valse to continue with cloud and downward longwave radiation… (the ballet around min 17 is also quite nice)

hahahaha, so that’s what Eurydice has been doing, being freed herself of Orphée. made it to the 2 famous tunes. such fun watching Natalie Dessay dancing. if you wait 1 min after first famous tune+dance, loovely violin introducing 2nd tune as Orphée climbed down the stairs, way too cute. Then of course the finale is what’s heard from VK’s live Offenbach concert, starting with the “scream” at 1h55min15sec:


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One Response to music @ 2am

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Downward longwave radiation sounds dramatic!

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