big foot!

in midst of threats with shutdown, the shape has emerged! ever wonder what really drives  ocean circulation?!

left: some field. right: smoothed version

left: an oceanographic field. right: smoothed version

jokes aside… our computing resources/support might shut down at midnight, argh. On unrelated note, i finally took advantage of the 20under40 program by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and will hear Sarah Connolly live tomorrow night from the 6th row!! Now just need to consult with YT on what Mahler’s 2nd is about… I also quite looking forward to the free clemenza di tito next week by the NEC students… this year Boston Baroque is having some really cool stuff in their programs. i already bought tix for both performances of beethoven 9th ON period instruments, yay!


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8 Responses to big foot!

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Looks like some unexpected free time for you – enjoy your SC experience!

  2. Anik LaChev says:

    sorry about the computing ressources, but Mahler with Connolly should be a great way to take your mind off anything else! Enjoy!! (and please report back…)

    • thả diều says:

      let me sneak in my “report” here because i have to tell you i didnt see Sarah Connolly at all except for 1 post-performance photo… thought i bought tix for 6th row but turned out they removed the first 4 rows to extend the stage to accommodate the huge orchestra, so i got full dosage of 1st violin section and almost nothing else… but in all cases, buying first few row seats to Mahler symphony is like arriving in the Alps without hiking boots.. the things we learn not to do :-). i glad to listen to 1 full performance (way below) before coming so as to know what to expect. Overall it was quite a bit slow with trumpets playing hidden behind stage.. didn’t give the same effect as in the yt performance… but i don’t know the piece well enough to really say more.. then came the vocal parts with Connolly’s voice rose up above the sea of chairs+violins beautifully. was veeeery nice coz she almost sang solo, then almost dueting with solo violin. really gives the feeling when you’re lost in the vast high grass field with when suddenly a wonderful voice delivering a haunting tune yet with promise and hope.. So the things i take out of this event: 1) I’d like to hear more Mahler, 2) I’d like to listen to Sarah Connolly live more often. Was my fault i didn’t notice she was coming until only 1 show left. The last movement, it was very difficult to hear her and soprano part because first soprano was singing with chorus (all hidden behind), then violins came, then duet… can someone please yank my shirt next time i mention Mahler and up-close-and-personal violin seats…

      oh, after the performance, i decided to go backstage looking for Ms. Connolly… until i hit a big line of people “waiting”… so ended up chatting away with this nice woman and her friend who sang in the choir. conversation was reallly fun, all discussion about how to articulate sound, how to “sing soft but not end up sounding afraid”… (was a question i raised, didnt get answer yet…) anywho, suddenly there was a small roar and claps, and before i knew it, both she (Connolly) and Ms. Tilling had vanished… i’ll make a better attempt next time! Here’s a blurry photo b4 my phone died…

      • Anik LaChev says:

        directly in front of a Mahler orchestra plus chorus… that has to beat even sitting directly in front of a (possibly lowered) Wagner orchestra. The only way I can think of beating that is sitting in the brass section during some Shostakovitch!
        Thank you for your impressions and the comparisons. Very interesting to read! And more Connolly live… yes, I second that!!

        • thả diều says:

          i at it again, this time front row 1st balcony nxt wk to hear Michael Schade and Mahler’s “Das Lied von der Erde”, now just need to study that. hopefully will be much better w/ acoustic and hence better report! Also just got tix to hear Kate Lindsey, aka cherubino d’aix, singing messiah! and just saw jennifer rivera is also coming to town to sing monteverdi next year too… thanks for subtle hint on shostakovitch, i’ll keep that in mind :-). this last time totally reminded me of the time i got front row seat (student discount) to beethoven 9th at ucla…

          • Anik LaChev says:

            great line-up! It seems Boston is the place to be this season…
            Shostakovitch is not good if you have a headache, but it’s fantastic if you want to see about 6 people operating ALL the percussion work available. 😉

          • thả diều says:

            oh i have to check the line up for schostakovich then, definitely from 2nd balcony! i was just reading up on Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde, the arsenal for everything that requires blowing is quite impressive!! AND apparently there’ll be a contralto too to accompany tenor, Christianne Stotijn is her name, need to read up and ytbing… annnd to think i got my tix for $26 (original price $84, this 20under40 is really working well!) keep that in mind when u visit boston before turning 40 😉 (also got all my boston baroque tix 50% off…)

  3. thả diều says:

    time to study mahler:

    and some description from wiki:
    ” the first movement represents a funeral and asks questions such as “Is there life after death?”; the second movement is a remembrance of happy times in the life of the deceased; the third movement represents a view of life as meaningless activity; the fourth movement is a wish for release from life without meaning; and the fifth movement – after a return of the doubts of the third movement and the questions of the first – ends with a fervent hope for everlasting, transcendent renewal”

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