music to start sunday

actually sunday started for me 3 hrs ago, around midnight, currently on yet another flip.. and this is now coming up on end of 2nd round, super duper pleasant to start the night:

also, is saw some Händel-gala 2-hr long with Emmanuelle Haïm, that will be next on playlist pending how many time i loop the current playlist above 🙂 .

Edit: Yikes, just made it to the Händel gala concert, that’s Lemieux singing, the exact way i can .not. handel… and i have tix to hear her next year! fingers crossed she wont be doing that…


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7 Responses to music to start sunday

  1. Tove S says:

    I was curious so I went and listened to the first song by Lemieux on that Händel gala (“Where shall I fly?”) and I know exactly what you mean! She over-dramatises so much you can’t even hear she’s actually a good singer (well ok you can tell from the coloratura). She even sounds a bit like de Niese! I really can’t stand all that fake “emoting”, it’s like Rachel in Glee, starting every phrase with a weird “eh”-sound for emphasis.

    • thả diều says:

      :-). thanks, i never know exactly how to describe this kind of singing, think you’ve got the right words there. it’s the thing i worried the most when attending a 3-hr opera… I’ve heard her in 2 other works before where i loved her voice, so finger crossed it’s a gala effect! she’s my next tancredi!

      • Tove S says:

        Fingers crossed for you! I only remember hearing her in Orlando Furioso (on Yt not live) and I liked her then, but of course she was playing insane so she might have gotten away with some over-the-top singing… Though I don’t specifically recall any. Her deep voice should be good for Tancredi!

        • thả diều says:

          i have *3* tix, so many fingers crossed indeed! thanks to Stray, i also have a live radio broadcast of her singing Bradamante in Alcina, really liked her voice too. there seems to be a crowd coming to Zürich for Ernman’s Ruggiero to Bartoli’s Alcina, are you heading that way? (man, now that i say this, may be i should also look for tix :D) though as i recall it’s in the early part of the yr which is always way too hectic for me..) Then Yvette has been floating around idea of a gathering in Cologne for VK’s Dalilah.. that might be in Mar, more manageable…

  2. catatsea says:

    Oh come to Zurich for Alcina…. it’ll be a hoot 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      :-). just saw the schedule, that time is almost impossible. we have a huge meeting… good thing they didn’t schedule meeting in May..yet.. coz my May trip seems to be expanding by the minutes spilling into mid June!

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