we three kings

was from 2 years ago in harvard memorial church, as part of their christmas carol service. i also went today but didn’t quite like it as much, mainly because they took my favorite song off the list :-), here it is.

accompanied by own description from 2 years ago:

the version last night was PERFECT!  No doubt thanks to the organ.  The tempo was just right. 5 verses total. First by the all male chorus, very deep to the grand sound of organ.  Second by the soaring all female chorus.  Third by both interweaving.  Then a complete silence… broken only by male chorus mixed in with the beautiful and soaring background humming of its female counterpart, a cappella.  Finally, all sound merged with the organ for the finale.  hair raising.  really wished i could get my hand on that. 

not sure vhat happened in 3rd verse, sounds like everyone took it off.. but sounded very nice in church. think you need good headphones for proper organ sound.


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9 Responses to we three kings

  1. Eyesometric says:

    This is indeed an extraordinary version of this carol. I have looked but cannot find the arranger anywhere – got any more details?

    • thả diều says:

      good morning Eyes! glad you enjoyed it, it was really amazing in the church with the organ filling up the entire airspace. This is the whole play list, i think on that track #10 it says something about arrangement, would that help?

      • Eyesometric says:

        A free download 🙂 and the arranger is Steve Pilkington who’s arrangements I have occasionally met before. It is now sitting on my laptop awaiting further investigation. Thank you!

        • thả diều says:

          :-). and merry early xmas to you! i might be off for a while wrestling w/ kids :-). have a wonderful holidays coming up!
          (ps- and i still have hope we’ll catch each other at a concert / opera one of these days. i really miss great company for *live* discussion 🙂 )
          (ps2- thanks for you comment on previous post. Actually my friend in Munich said he’s always interested in hearing my descriptions (how i animatedly wave my hands while using super non-musical words), For them musicians i guess it’s quite a puzzling thing what us non-musical people take in and be so passionate about… i often wonder what exactly we hear.. but surely i got my lasting image after reading Purity’s memorable description of VK’s recital in Munich…

  2. operasmorg says:

    Merry Christmas, An! Hope you’re having a splendid winter and lots of good company for the holidays. Happy 2014 in a few days, too! 😀

    • thả diều says:

      thanks Smorgi! merry xmas to you too. i finally feel like myself after returning the rental car, took nearly 1 wk to re-learn driving. first day arriving i even asked my bro to turn off the “heater” except it was no heater! LA is like another world compared to east coast… would love to catch up w/ you but will have to sort out my ride if even possible…

  3. yvette says:

    The three Kings are coming soon… and this tune is great… here are my best wishes for your end of the year… And beginning of the new one… may you enjoy and share fantastic musical events and may we all manage to see VK again… Joyeuses Fétes et Bonne Année Thadieu!

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