where in the world is saanen?

happy new year everyone! just made it back to my own town and bed since mid Dec, i so happy, freezing and all.
So, what’s in plan for 2014? first, already some elaborated planned trip in May-June… *but*, just saw this program thanks to Suzette. Where in the world is Gstaad??? and why can’t they hold festivals in towns with better public transport, woaaah. I’ve been hoping since forever to hear Vesselina Kasarova singing baroque, this time *WITH* Simone Kermes! (oops, i wrong, not the orchestra…and the Freiburger Orchestra!) still loooong time away, but let me just dump all info here for my own ref as i maneuver the country of Switzerland and phone system in hope of getting a tix… who knows, i might be on a ship to the Arctic at that time too… but that’s for later, will try to get a tix anyway.

So, in short:
what: 26  Fri 18.jul.2014, 7pm, baroque concert with Vesselina Kasarova and Simone Kermes.
where: Mauritius-Kirche, in Saanen, NOT Gstaad! Here’s a map. note the camping site just 300m south of church!!!map_saanen
how tix: starting here, with use of image below to aide the tiny-unreadable seating chart. now i just need to figure out how to call switzerland from here w/ a phone plan which doesn’t include international call…


how train:saanen_train

will update and dump more info here at later time…


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5 Responses to where in the world is saanen?

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Note also the Rain just north-east of the church! Good luck with all that. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  2. Tove S says:

    Thanks for digging up all this info and making it easier for the rest of us! Perhaps we’ll meet in Saanen…

    • thả diều says:

      that’d be fun, and a post-concert discussion to follow!
      ps- thanks for the orphée link on your site! when it went off late last year there was a biiig chunk missing in my yt listening list. think it even has better sound than the digital version i have on puter (based on output of laptop speakers.. the 15-yr-old reliable headset broke into 20 pieces finally on the last extended trip..)

  3. thả diều says:

    just got my tix for this 🙂
    a bit late.. i was debating to sit in the back of orchestra… in the end got a side seat for cheap only because i not entirely sure if i’ll be going to the Arctic instead and didn’t want to risk tossing away a good tix.. now onto a hunt for mitsuko uchida’s tix…

    ps- it turns out Simone Kermes is doing a tour of this concert with Vivica Genaux at several stops in northern Germany before the last one with VK at this festival.. if i do end up going to europe for this concert, might try to catch her and Genaux too, esp. now i’ve got more friends living in the northern part and promising to host me…

    ps2- ah, ok, now i get why it’s a bit strange…. they moved the concert to friday 18.jul.2014 instead of 26.jul.2014 as i put up originally.. that explains my confusion, coz 18.jul is definitely when you want to be in Arctic…

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