swag music to start the weekend


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2 Responses to swag music to start the weekend

  1. Eyesometric says:

    After this I went back to listen to VK Moscow version and was struck again by the stodginess of the orchestra and its direction.

    • thả diều says:

      i like this orchestra a lot actually. it’s a bit muddy of course due to quality of recording, but i like how it supports her. the timing and building up tension of the horns are GREAT tempo is also nice, and soft soft support to let the voice tells the story, but when done, orchestra moves it right along setting up stage, *like* 🙂
      ps- you’re right, now that i think about it, why i don’t often go back to VK’s moscow version.. she’s left to do the story telling all by herself, sometimes it’s like the orchestra is reading from a book different chapter.. i did search around quite a bit and always ended up with her studio recording.. but that was such a looong time ago and voice + characterization change quite a bit by the time of Moscow…

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