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the olympics is coming to an end, but not before one of my favorite events took place: cross-country 30km marathon.  so glad finally i get to watch the entire race (though had to re-watch most of it coz just when i flipped schedule around to wake up early to watch olympics, they started race at 3am EST!!!)  If i could ski properly, this would be something i’d love to train for :-).  Here’re photos of the amazing race.  It’s quite amazing to see again the racers from this photo finish 4 years ago.  The Polish, i already saw her winning a race earlier last week… she pulled out on this one, while the 3 Norwegians blew out the competition… absolute admiration for the climb to sprint to finish line by Marit Bjoergen.. In the US, you can rewatch the entire race here. Interestingly it’s 2 very knowledgeable guys with British accent commenting, with no interuption. super like. (Think you might have to verify some crappy relation with some cable company to be able to view, just call up any friend who has cables..)

starting line

starting line

and then there was three

and then there was three

Marit Bjoergen's climb demonstration

Marit Bjoergen’s climb demonstration

the last bell

the last bell

Therese Johaug's took the first charge to break away

Therese Johaug’s took the first charge to break away

the race is on.

the race is on.


Marit Bjoergen overtaking on the last climb, “amazing, at the end of 30km, to be able to sprint uphill” said commentator

the final sprint

the final sprint

Olympics champion!  Norway 1-2-3

Olympics champion! Norway 1-2-3

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6 Responses to pix post

  1. Dr.Dog says:

    The mental and physical strength required for this is breathtaking. Have really enjoyed Winter Olympics sorry it’s over.

  2. Eyesometric says:

    Lovely pix Dr. T! Have you girded your loins for the 2.5 hour closing ceremony Dr.D?

    • Dr.Dog says:

      Oh dear no, although I hope the athletes have a nice time. I’ve been watching the closing ceremony for the Duck Olympics – it was fabulous. Abba reformed for the event specially and at the end Malena Ernman joined Agnetha & Frida and sung the trio from Derr Rosenwotsit .. just divine!

      • thả diều says:

        i missing something really good here!

        • Eyesometric says:

          Me too!

          • thả diều says:

            meanwhile, inspired by the olympians, i played the fastest hockey ever… crashed full speed into the side first time, that was something.. glad i had the helmet.. also more crashing into people since the captain kept screaming “crash the net, crash the net” :-). will even come to a hockey clinic next week to learn some skill! i supposed we all should watch olympians as well as abba + friends the ducklings..

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