hallo all, happy spring! also known as time i brace for full impact of blooming… in some random news, I have a new hand-me-up-from-younger-brother phone! it’s so fancy i still can’t figure out yet where to turn things on/off… but the (old) screen saver is restored, along with the ringtone, which also serves as music to start fantastic mid-April.
Photo0023Musically, i’ve been to only 2 events this entire year.. the last just this past weekend to hear Aisslinn Nosky and Christina Day Martinson and the H+H playing violin concertos, it’s really quite a privilege to have access at such close distance in Sander Theater at Harvard. Things have been quite quiet here with lots and lots of fighting with NaN’s and Arctic as usual… plus a newly picked-up challenge to deal with an old fear: water! We grew up in our family quite raw, just a bunch of kids with absolute no training for any skill whatsoever… and at the age of 21, i who finally had access to a swimming pool for the first time in life (in Alaska) determined it was time to learn how to swim. A Russian was recruited to aide the process. He took me to the pool 1 Sunday afternoon and said: “Look thadieu, the way i see it, our body is made up almost entirely of water, so you can’t sink! in you go!” . So, i jumped in, drowned.., made biiig splashing noise gurgling, Russian guy quickly flagged me up: “thadieu, look (pointing at a guy gracefully gliding in the other lane with loong beautiful strides), see how calm and quiet he is? Try that.” . Then he left! So back in the water i jumped.. and somehow miraculously sorted out how to float after drinking 1/2 of the pool by end of afternoon… Many years have passed, my swimming techniques have evolved.. simply from floating, then waving arms in some random direction and body suddenly moves! voila! swimming! Then there was that serious nearly drowning experience in open water with no-one around which got me discovering there’s a psychological hurdle.. all in all, we laugh pretty hard within the family when it comes to “swimming”. Anyhow, i thought the right way to address my fear is to sign up for “under-water hockey”, which involves taking a deep breath at the surface, then dive down to bottom of pool to hit the puck with a stick, then come back up to surface… But! luckily, there’s an “easier” sport: water polo! That, plus the survival-if-fallen-into-ocean course that i had to pass in order to get on ship this summer, had been occupying my mind for the last whole month…

The verdict: happy to report i passed the survival course with flying color (with an internationally approved certificate!!), and amazingly survived the first 4 water-polo games, with lots and lots of water drinking, panic, back and forth clinging to wall for support.. the rest of teammates seem to be having a good time playing with that ball while promising to keep an eye out so i won’t drown.. and we have 6 more games to play! I’m very determined to learn some sort of swimming by the end of this whole session.. already attempted was free style to move forward and back-stroke to get back on defense.. coz this doggie-paddling style is just not fast enough in water polo :-).

So that’s that. Meanwhile, i’m looking forward to some traveling between now and end of August! There’s this new Kasarova’s Händel’s recital in Mannheim that i might make it to, if i’m to make the Saanen’s recital..
Can anyone tell me if you can manage this website for ticket without your browser crashing? My screen generally looks like this after attempting
followed by a “plug-in failure” message… What the heck is java anyhow? I’m unwilling to spend time sorting out something that almost nobody uses anymore and that I’m even required to install/uninstall a bunch of things or even having to update operating system, all with potential system crash on the work computer… so might have to resort to calling Germany to try to get ticket…


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8 Responses to ringtone

  1. earwormopera says:

    Good luck with the swimming! I’m curious about the underwater hockey – how deep is the pool?

    • thả diều says:

      how about a very cool video about the last underwater hockey worldcup! looks sooo difficult and fun! looks like they play at deepest part of the pool.

      • earwormopera says:

        Yesterday I had never even heard of underwater hockey . . . but now I know better! That looks pretty intense – I bet those players have impressive lung capacity, to battle around for the puck under water like that. (And the Hungarian city they’re in makes me want to start planning a European vacation)

        So will that be you in a few years?

        • thả diều says:

          i watched that entire clip just because the intro to the city was soo cool! and yep immediately was also the thought that’s where i should go next 🙂 . haha, me in a few years? though you never know, fingers crossed as i’m determined to at least improve such that by end of this season i can at least take 1 shot at goal in polo! will see… are there intramural sport also at your school where you can try these out? so far i’ve got hockey under belt.. and polo…

          • earwormopera says:

            We have intramural sports, but only things like flag football, softball and ultimate frisbee – no hockey as far as I know, either underwater or ground level!

  2. yvette says:

    Hello An! take it easy under water before ciming to Provence!… that was real scary .. but you survived!

    • thả diều says:

      hallo hallo Yvette! hope your part of the world has warmed up already? i was celebrating rising humidty but looks like we’re taking yet another dip to 0C with chances of snow today! but the trend looks great no? i very looking forward to Provence! hopefully blooming will already done by then 🙂

  3. yvette says:

    oups.. cOming…

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