hello world

Separation between US and Russia at [65N 180E]. Left: little Diomede, Right: big Diomede. Chukchi Sea, 2330H, 06.Jul.2014

Separation between US and Russia at [65.5N 170W]. L: moon hanging above Little Diomede, R: Big Diomede. Chukchi Sea, 2330h, 06.Jul.2014

Chukchi Sea, 0145h, 07.jul.2014

Chukchi Sea, 0145h, 07.jul.2014

hallo all, i finally back home again, for a short time.. can’t figure out yet why, but this piece of music just fits strangely precise with the feeling on ship: a little dazed**, hearing the heartbeat, rocking with the waves… here again, music in the head for the last 2 weeks. I super glad to be on land again, though still feeling the rocking motion every now and then..

** was not quite sure vhy so dazed and drowsy on ship.. turns out that’s a sign of sea-sickness and quite normal. donated my breakfast+lunch+dinner a couple of times to the birds :p


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2 Responses to hello world

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Good to see you back safely – how you coped with that daylight thing I can’t imagine. And this music was a good earworm to have, gentle and calming in between the food donations!

    • thả diều says:

      oh, they have remarkably dark bunk-bed curtains where i spent much time behind in hiding to keep food in after meals 🙂 . was told by several team members that it’s one of the rougher sea trips for them too. last trip on russian ship we were allowed to work on deck to much fresher air and that seems to help a lot.. though clearly noone cared about safety 😀

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