sara mingardo alert

this was from the opening concert of the Lucerne Festival last friday. The radio broadcast, as usual, has so much better sound than the below-linked version, i confused why sound degrades so much..

screen cap. click on photo for link to

screen cap. click on photo for link to

she checks in at minute 58:00 . If like me you don’t know the work, first admire the lovely deep voice (i addicted…). once the chorus comes up, it’s hypnotizing-ly lovely. in fact, so much i had it on repeat.. for about 7 times before searching for what she was singing… the 3rd part with chorus is very very nice (what a lovely mixture of deep voice and chorus), not to mention the lovely dress.. and did i mention adorable dimple?

Brahms Alto Rhapsody, Op 53, for alto, male chorus, and orchestra.

Aber abseits wer ist’s?
Im Gebüsch verliert sich sein Pfad;
hinter ihm schlagen die Sträuche zusammen,
das Gras steht wieder auf,
die Öde verschlingt ihn.

Ach, wer heilet die Schmerzen
dess, dem Balsam zu Gift ward?
Der sich Menschenhaß
aus der Fülle der Liebe trank!
Erst verachtet, nun ein Verächter,
zehrt er heimlich auf
seinen eigenen Wert
In ungenügender Selbstsucht.

Ist auf deinem Psalter,
Vater der Liebe, ein Ton
seinem Ohre vernehmlich,
so erquicke sein Herz!
Öffne den umwölkten Blick
über die tausend Quellen
neben dem Durstenden
in der Wüste!

But who is that apart?
His path disappears in the bushes;
behind him the branches spring together;
the grass stands up again;
the wasteland engulfs him.

Ah, who heals the pains
of him for whom balsam turned to poison?
Who drank hatred of man
from the abundance of love?
First scorned, now a scorner,
he secretly feeds on
his own merit,
in unsatisfying egotism.

If there is on your psaltery
Father of love, one note
his ear can hear
then refresh his heart!
Open his clouded gaze
to the thousand springs
next to him who thirsts
in the wilderness!


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2 Responses to sara mingardo alert

  1. thả diều says:

    so, i finally back from a strange trip.. first time experiencing insomnia it seems, just couldn’t sleep through the night at all, very odd.. ms. mingardo and vk’s la mort de cléopâtre from salzburg were on repeat every night.. and now back, i’ve decided a merge is in order coz that arte video’s sound is just simply terrible.. got it down to 0.0001 second!! Eyes, in case you want to check out quite better sound, you’re welcome to wade through :-). anywho, this will be for storage for now, really like the music and her take. during insomnia i also checked out many other singers running through same piece too..

  2. Eyesometric says:

    Excellent merge Dr T. – well done. Her voice reminds me a bit of Avon Otter.
    At least you caught your ‘plane at the right time in spite of my horological confusion!

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