screencap for midweek

was listening to a loooong playlist while working through the night, and naturally this came past… and got a rewind.. i simply amazed how well it was delivered, not the image dear reader**, but the vocal part, how true it was. amazing musicianship*.

* musicianship:
knowledge, skill, and artistic sensitivity in performing music.

** the image definitely doesn’t hurt


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4 Responses to screencap for midweek

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    definitely well delivered, with musicianship, on both counts! 😉

  2. dj7o9 says:

    Reblogged this on Binge Reading & More and commented:
    Nach wie vor mit einer der schönsten Opern die ich in München gesehen habe: “I CAPULETI E I MONTECCHI” mit Vessellina Kasarova und Anna Netrebko.

    Das war unglaublich. Und ich will noch immer Kasarova’s Lederjacke, die hier im Bild leider nicht zu sehen ist 😉

  3. dj7o9 says:

    This was by far my favourite Opera evening so far. Not a great seat but wow – I guess that was the evening where I got the final push to become a real Opera fan 😉 Kasarova and Netrebko were both totally amazing.

    Is there a DVD ? Thanks for sharing and I hope it is ok I reblogged this on my blog ?

    • thả diều says:

      greetings dj7o9! you were there too? that’s great!! did you attend more than once (like me)? 🙂 . what was your impression?

      there was a live broadcast of the 20/may performance and some of us were lucky to catch clips from yt before they were taken down. i don’t mind at all reblog-ging, i do it all the time with anik’s posts!

      ps- as for ms. harteros, surely we can help you get started.. she sings *very* often in munich, in fact might be the only reliable place where one is not worried of cancelation..

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