music for the night

deep voices are like vietnamese noodle soup, must have at a particular time of the day and i unwilling to negotiate!
this month has been rather stressful and strange.. with ms. mingardo to the rescue.. can’t promise this to be the last post yet, but let’s celebrate end of august! i was ready to play disinganno again last night and thought hey, wouldn’t it be a good time to see her in a real opera (on yt)! but first some nice digging through the treasure box, dang, look at this festival 43!!! had to even go back to my own blogging to figure out when i got into opera to have missed it, absolute criminal! anywho, so i about 5 year late.. but good news, look what i found, Sara Mingardo in action. No, i didn’t particularly look for such a pleasant sight, it simply works out when you pursue what you love ;-). yes, please sit on the bed, you have the world, and me. i will listen to ALL your doulo.. lascia.. what? sorry dear, lasciami sola? i don’t understand…