music for the night

deep voices are like vietnamese noodle soup, must have at a particular time of the day and i unwilling to negotiate!
this month has been rather stressful and strange.. with ms. mingardo to the rescue.. can’t promise this to be the last post yet, but let’s celebrate end of august! i was ready to play disinganno again last night and thought hey, wouldn’t it be a good time to see her in a real opera (on yt)! but first some nice digging through the treasure box, dang, look at this festival 43!!! had to even go back to my own blogging to figure out when i got into opera to have missed it, absolute criminal! anywho, so i about 5 year late.. but good news, look what i found, Sara Mingardo in action. No, i didn’t particularly look for such a pleasant sight, it simply works out when you pursue what you love ;-). yes, please sit on the bed, you have the world, and me. i will listen to ALL your doulo.. lascia.. what? sorry dear, lasciami sola? i don’t understand…

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  1. Anik LaChev says:

    I’m still waiting on a full recording of this one on YT! (or anywhere, really)
    there are a few more bits, thankfully, and operabaroquebis has a nice Mingardo selection up:

    I’m all for more Mingardo posts, my August was kind of stressful, too (although I had a particularly nice afternoon in July…! 😉 )

    • thả diều says:

      was searching for entire version too.. she’s been running round the clock here, “S’agita in mezzo all’onde” was particularly lovely as well..

      • Anik LaChev says:

        oh yes. *sigh*
        I love her London concert with the arie antiche, too – Quella fiamma che m’accende etc.

        • thả diều says:

          so i finished that bit too, love the super trimmed down “orchestra”! but now just got myself stuck with her Kindertotenlieder “Wenn dein Mütterlein”… quite heavy duty but deeply haunting, esp. the oboe opening..

          • Anik LaChev says:

            her Mahler has an immense shine and clarity to it, I find, due to the non-romantic-vibrato, non-big-guns-sounds. That said, I have to listen to it in doses (much like Coote’s, for different sound reasons but also because it is so damn perfect as an interpretation) or I will fling myself off a cliff afterwards. Should come with a warning that says “don’t listen to in November”.

          • thả diều says:

            oh man, i was stuck on it round and round on repeat and strange mood for 2 hours and when off the corner of eyes there was an “offer” of an outlet i jumped right on (“Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht” <– it's got a upswing mood right at the end!!) then bolted RIGHT out of there.. and haven't dared to click play again! definitely WARNING to not hit play unless you've planned yourself an exit route! … what a mood…

  2. thả diều says:

    after resetting ears with 1 round of “il trovatore” from Munich… i now progressing to Monteverdi with sara mingardo.. this is totally new music for me.. even i’ve heard a few times.. including her take as Penelope in Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria in Zürich.. not sure if music being too new to ears.. but didn’t think she has much room to express, absolutely covered in veil and dark sunglasses and super dark clothes.. and being sad the entire time.. anywho, there’re 2: L’incoronazione di Popea and L’Orfeo.. and given i knew neither, L’Orfeo is randomly picked first here… though after a look at the super nice dancing with lovely display of muscles and body extension in händel here, we’re now back to the kind of baggy clothes dancing similar to bemf.. ohh, but she’s coming.. and the orchestra is absooolutely fantastic!!..dang, that’s nice singing… and a screen cap, make that 2. perhaps it’s also a good time to grab the libretto to see what this whole thing is about…

    now running comment:
    – really lovely music, and superb orchestra
    – who is Messagiero anyhow?
    – oh, there’s more than 1 deep voice, must be Cécile van de Sant as Speranza..
    – hmm, the last 1/3, with that pair sitting in cloud singing in super slow voice to organ is a bit too s.l.o.w. for my attention span… clearly losing it…
    – luckily, after some 15min like that, they disappeared behind cloud.. and now orchestra picking up…
    – damn, now it’s Orfeo’s turn to sing slow…, follows by Eurydice’s s.l.o.w. version.. come on, some dancers please, and orchestra..
    – mind you, all this s.l.o.w lamenting.. and we dont even have a mezzo / contralto in sight…
    – ok, i quit. think i lost patience after just lost the last 4-days of model run due to a *&(#$* mistake, grrr.. sorry Orfeo, enough slow singing for 1 night..

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