read for the night

had a dream the other day 1/3 of my hair turned gray 🙂
i have decided the brain will get a night off. here’s a nice read (re. my recent obsession) to relax. if you rely on google translator (like me), original language is Polish. a bit too short i say. nice background on her first musical love, on singing baroque, approach to singing, approach when going outside baroque repertoire, singing with Sandrine Piau and others. i’d love to read her autobiography if she decides to write! (in whichever language… there’s still the VK book in german that i haven’t gotten far..)

I want that, leaving the concert, people would say “what wonderful music!” And not: “what a great singer!” In any event, there is always a base – as it should be! – Music. A transmission of beauty is sometimes different: sometimes one succeeds, sometimes not.

and music to settle:

let’s rock

in suit with glasses. have no clue what she’s singing, and i don’t care! woke up very late, missed the sun, and in need of some jolt to start the working night:

fun to see how fast the music sheets are being turned. you can follow the music notes on her recorded version here.

i’ve been listening to an *enormous* amount of music the last 3 weeks.. pretty much every link mingardo related on youtube! last time this kind of binging happened was when i discovered VK.. some 4 years ago.. anyhow, i always love the slow sacred music much more when you have musicians/singers who can express them, but once in a while we do need our fireworks!

and the night continues..

now that i semi-recovered from ranting mode* due to lost work… still in the plan is the other monterverdi but i currently stuck on this on repeat since last 5 hrs…

ok, so i got distracted by a link off the corner of eyes to Cecilia Bartoli singing Pergolesi… then more and more breadcrumbs to her Portrait (i can see how if i were at this live recital i’d have quickly become a fan, really like that concert), and now at her very charming interview with a nice host in english!

this is sort of my eating-2-cakes-in-1-sitting phase you know, the fact that she’s been discussed extensively both on Anik’s and in comments by people whose music taste i pay attention to.. and yet somehow i still trying to get a handel on.. so, while binging on sara mingardo (also a laaaate discovery), why not combine with whatever comes off the corner of eyes!

* from comment section in previous post where i saw some reallly nice monterverdi work with sara mingardo..


Edit: wow, hey! yay! Monteverdi! this is how to catch td’s attention!! what a way to start an opera! i in love!


Sara Mingardo, in boots, cap, and roses!!

more edit:
last screencap before i call it a night, complete with white shirt and tie.. let’s just say i super distracted and didn’t quite have a chance to hear the music.. and here’s also a link to the production where she’ll sing Ottone in feb/2015 at la scala!