and the night continues..

now that i semi-recovered from ranting mode* due to lost work… still in the plan is the other monterverdi but i currently stuck on this on repeat since last 5 hrs…

ok, so i got distracted by a link off the corner of eyes to Cecilia Bartoli singing Pergolesi… then more and more breadcrumbs to her Portrait (i can see how if i were at this live recital i’d have quickly become a fan, really like that concert), and now at her very charming interview with a nice host in english!

this is sort of my eating-2-cakes-in-1-sitting phase you know, the fact that she’s been discussed extensively both on Anik’s and in comments by people whose music taste i pay attention to.. and yet somehow i still trying to get a handel on.. so, while binging on sara mingardo (also a laaaate discovery), why not combine with whatever comes off the corner of eyes!

* from comment section in previous post where i saw some reallly nice monterverdi work with sara mingardo..


Edit: wow, hey! yay! Monteverdi! this is how to catch td’s attention!! what a way to start an opera! i in love!


Sara Mingardo, in boots, cap, and roses!!

more edit:
last screencap before i call it a night, complete with white shirt and tie.. let’s just say i super distracted and didn’t quite have a chance to hear the music.. and here’s also a link to the production where she’ll sing Ottone in feb/2015 at la scala!


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  1. thả diều says:

    right, spamming my own box again.. happy to report ms. mingardo has gotten me listening now to Monteverdi and Vivaldi.. which has been a hurdle for a looong time for various reasons.. so now, a running playlist for thur-fri night:
    1.Pergolesi’s Stabat Matter with Claudio Abbado <– for some reason, once started, i can't stop..)
    2.Pergolesi's Salve Regina, live from Wigmore Hall
    3.Vivaldi Gloria, live recording session for cd, with Rinaldo Alessandrini and Concerto Italiano, currently looping 3rd round.
    4.Rossini “O che muso” duet, she’s having an absolute ball!
    5.Monteverdi’s madrigal “se i languidi miei sguardi”
    6.Vivaldi Nisi Dominus playlist , on 3nd round.. and growing.. (ok, i so behind in time.. is she still singing this in concert anymore? coz i on the look out!!)

    7.Solo un pianto, from Cherubini’s Medea; so i read the synopsis–Norma-like, wouldnt it be grand if Medea and 2 kids just run off with the contralto? everyone would be so happy.. this is the sort of arias that takes several days to seep in.. first listen, let sit.. then few days later visit, let sit, then revisit.. and it grows on you. what is that solo woodwind instrument? must be bass oboe? so lovely the tune.. now on repeat.. may be i should listen to the entire thing next..
    8.Vivaldi “Amor, hai vinto”
    9.Tarquinio Merula’s “Hor ch’è tempo di dormire”, what a contrast to previous track. actually i’ve heard this before on Bernada Fink’s recital broadcasted both from london and paris…

    oof, it’s getting late. that’s a cap for tonight methinks, must resist clicking on more link off corner of eyes.. but the trend is clear.. i hear the calling.. early music has always been in blood.. just need to find the _right_ singer to lead the way.. , “right” being very subjective of course.. anywho, aside from the last aria and 1st track, the rest is all new to me…

  2. Eyesometric says:

    A clear and harmonious trail for others to follow!

    • thả diều says:

      good *morning* Eyes, i went looking for friday photo b4 bedtime but wasn’t up yet :-). hope you enjoy some on this list.. i slept harmoniously after listening.. and purposely avoiding her Mahler for now due to devastating effect.. (take this as warning to listen at your own risk as you might not get out like i did 🙂 )

  3. Eyesometric says:

    Good evening from Wales. There was no photo today as it was replaced by a mezzo alert. I will certainly avoid the Mahler for the moment – I did enjoy the Pergolesi from Wigmore.
    Wear blinkers next time you go YouTube fishing!

  4. stray says:

    Speaking of Monteverdi, are you going to this?

    • thả diều says:

      yes, on the plan. i do love your nudging though ;-). in fact already mentally trying to prepare for their monteverdi onslaught next summer… hence trying to get into it early now

      • stray says:

        I swear I am not on their payroll 🙂

        • thả diều says:

          no no, please take it as a compliment 😉
          Genaux got me into early operas, trouser roles, rossini…
          VK got me into mozart, bellini, händel, schubert..
          Harteros got me into Verdi..
          Mingardo got me into Monterverdi, Vivaldi, now Bach..
          stray got me into bemf!

          • stray says:

            lol Such august company! Likewise thanks for the opportunity to explore the Mingardo youtube canon 🙂

  5. thả diều says:

    welcome to 2nd running night-bridge fri-sat. i discovered the school library has a e-library where you can listen to recordings! so to recordings we go:
    1. her solo cd, pergolesi, scalatti, vivaldi, händel, as recommended by a friend, SUPER LIKE!!!!
    2. her Händel duet cd with Sandrine Piau. I’ll have to listen again coz it was a bit too early and brain was not ready to digest sopranos and i ended up with a biiig headache.. Actually prior to that it was recommended to me Cecilia Bartoli’s Vivaldi arias cd as an intro to Vivaldi, but school didn’t have, hence duet..
    3. to fix headache, i went away from music on headset for a while and have this running instead: Rehearsal with John Eliot Gardiner and Bach Cantata, veeery informative! and we get to see a young sara mingardo in intensive music studying mode, plus interview and a GORGEOUS 3-minute un-interupted recitative.. the exact way that got me to drop all pens + papers and watch intently.
    Then it was time again for work, so need something long to listen to.. and Vivaldi Dixit Dominus sounds VEEERY attractive except it requires me signing up for yet another account, i hate signing up for anything these days.. but i should really coz is very nice.. but for now it’s gonna be a 3-hr of:
    4. Vivaldi L’incoronazione di dario. and the M.U.S.T. read post-concert report over at Anik’s a year ago, of this exact live recording. my favorite image is the “contralto in the woods”.
    – must admit i’m sure how this will turn out.. 3-hr of vivaldi music/opera tends to leave me rather very confused with all sorts of firework pyrotechniques.. but already catching some very nice low arias…
    – wow, here’s the name (i think): Ardo tacito amante, duet contralto + viola da gamba!! gorgeous!
    – this must be the 2nd contralto
    – veeery nice orchestra. lovely swinging music..
    – wow, 1st cd flew by very quickly! time already for 2nd, super lovely music and gorgeous singing all around.. not yet any pouting through recit…
    – and 2nd starts with drop-dead beautiful viola da gamba.. dueting with the tenor..
    – ohhh, the bass got a nice duet with a tuba?? trumpet?
    – i completely lost.. now searching through libretto.. coz i want to find out where we are.. and whether the contralto has accepted proposals from all interested parties.. in addition to finding out what this bass is singing about, coz the trumpet/tuba is VERY nice, even though he’s repeating “vendetta” nonstop..
    – hahaha, she did already, “Questa mano ad ambi io già concessi.”, “je leur ai déjà donné ma main”, “I have already given *them* my hand” 😀 . now the tenor sounds pretty pissed.. though i want now to backtrack to listen again when Statira sang this…
    here it is, music to cap the night, the libretto is a bit silly, so let’s simply enjoy the music:

  6. thả diều says:

    right, to continue with mingardo binging, here is the run-time playlist for sat-sun night-bridge:
    1. 3rd round of “in rehearsal with John Eliot Gardiner”, which got me relistening several times to “o selger tag” and now searching for this version of the cantata but not found yet on tube.. so..
    2. oh thou that telling good tidings”, audio is also now extracted for listening while walking on street…
    3. bach magnificat in chicago. if that’s all she sang, they’re wasting her energy flying all the way across atlantic.. i feel if you’re gonna invite one of the top contraltos in the world over, might as well put together a strong program that takes advantage of her strength, e.g., see link 1 above or right here below:
    4. a Nth round of the complete “making of vivaldi *gloria*”, it’s quite fun seeing her being put center-staged right at the beginning.. but really a top notch music making, i guess for tv broadcast? you know only last week that i heard this piece for the first time ever? and only 2 weeks ago the orchestra + choir + conductor?

    gosh, the last aria is just sublime. strange thing is if you only listen to it alone you don’t feel the mood, thus have to watch the entire 1hr video :-). same with .1. above.. OK, think i done with this for now, after 2 more rounds.. time to complete the opera from last night..
    5. Act III of Vivaldi L’incoronazione di dario.
    4b. oops, i “accidentally” clicked on Nisi Dominus “Cum dederit” and it’s been looping since last hour… not yet making it to .5. above..
    4c. capping the night with first 7 minute of Act I of Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppea instead, and more distraction on boots + cap.. then made it to finish Act III, quite nice singing.. then back to first 7min again a couple more times.. Actually music is very nice, though some (most) of the singers pout their ways through which can be quite irritating.. In fact that is the trick with Monteverdi music no? Like the madrigals in seems, you must be able to express the emotion in the music skillfully because it’s simply not “beautiful” aria but more running recitatives in a monotonic slow sort of way.. so either you manage, or you pout and run around “acting” it, or the audience falls asleep altogether from slow music… as for Ottone, it seems she portrays him as a puppy in love, a bit passive.. in fact the most “aggressive” moments were (a) when Ottone grabbed Poppea’s hands just before getting shoved to the ground at the end of Act I, (b) turned defiant just before that nice woman appear to offer her love (also end of Act I), and (c) take charge declaring (s)he’s the guilty party of trying to shoot Poppea in Act III. I found it funny how (s)he showed the gun hiding under jacket at that moment. Act II (and a big chunk of middle of Act I) was full of pouting so i haven’t made my way back to that yet, but am now quite warming to the music and singing. You do need to turn the volume up a bit, but Ottone is quite expressive in singing here. Another puzzled thing is a tenor Nerone, whereas i’ve seen in many other performances either mezzo or CT for this role?

  7. thả diều says:

    onto playlist for sun-mon night-bridge: i’ve been searching for her bach recording… not yet successful.. only because am not at school so can’t listen to music recordings.. so here’s a quick list of things i’d like to get my hands on:
    (a) bach cantata bwv 63
    (b) händel’s aci, galatea e polifemo dvd
    (c) händel’s aci, galatea e polifemo cd with emmanuel haim (and a short-hair mingardo)
    i also convinced that if she sings händel i’ll be hopping on plane too. as you might have known, i discovered her via händel Ariodante in Liceu (with VK), and was truly taken by her expressiveness (except for the last aria which i thought she mailed it in..). the dark sound, yes, for sure, but dark sound will only takes my interest so far.. it’s how she shapes the phrases and uses voice intensity.. and judging by the bach dvd i believe she comes already prepared with her ideas and has the ability to deliver it. So whichever clip i click on to hear her sing, my ears are *entirely* open listening to her way of shaping, sometimes with eyes wide open in amazement too. so now, some links to get the playlist starts:
    1. rossini petite messe solennelle “Agnus Dei”, which i heard for the first time with VK in salzburg this past summer.
    2. rossini petite messe solennelle “Qui tollis” duet, live concert
    3. händel aci, galatea e polifemo, aria “Sforzano a piangere con più dolo”. it pretty much summarizes what i love in a performance and why i’d hop on plane to hear her live (couldn’t help but have wiiiide smile watching dancing too 😉 )
    4. hurrah, just found the hook to connect to school library from home.. here it is now, Act I Händel Aci, Galatea e Polifemo cd.
    – oh, a perfect way to start: duet soprano (male role) and contralto (lovely Galatea in above video)
    – how interesting, the aria above there “Sforzano a piangere..” is right after duet! and i thought it was at the end.. it breaks my heart hearing her so sad.. time to check libretto to see what’s going on… “They make the stars that once smiled with you weep bitterly at your distress, and my heart is breaking, for I know a greater grief awaits you.” YIKES!
    – to “s’agita in mezzo all’onde”, think it’s usually the case that whichever version you hear first traps your brain in tempo + phrasing.. that can only be released once seeing a live version.. so i like the instrument part of cd but definitely like tempo and phrasing of dvd more.
    – onto cd2, perhaps Act II?
    – is there such a case as too fast recit? actually i quite like her recit normally.. that it sounds here tempo is a bit rushing..
    – to “se m’ami o caro”, love both versions, dvd and cd. and it got a rewind. cd version is quite heartbreaking <– definitely has to do also with the soft violins. Here is a good case to compare tempo. cd is a bit faster but softer and emphasizes *very* effectively her anguish. dvd version is more self-contained, at least in my head, that she’s more concerned with what had already happened, not what will. could also be because i finally see the libretto now..
    – that’s the end. very nice, very short :-). i miss the *live* energy though, which is really why i hardly listen to cd’s and always hunting for live broadcast, esp. radio because you can really hear everything w/o (lovely) distraction.
    5. Händel messiah live from London (after listening to vivaldi last few days i miss my händel dosage 🙂 ). Actually i’ve attempted to watch this once before last year and somehow his take of the beginning lost my interest.. but here we are. While i at this, here’s a nice *very* brief write-up about Sara Mingardo and her working relationship with various conductors, with a mention that sir colin davis got her into singing messiah despite the language barrier.. i’d really love to hear her also in Matthäus-Passion…
    – i know why lost interest the first time: everything is gigantic.. reminds me a lot of how things are spread out at boston symphony hall.. and how sounds gets lost. everyone seems to be pushing their voice a bit..
    – and while reading above write-up, i saw some more write-ups, 1 of her singing Penelope in Zürich, her debut at the haus! and i was there! quite touching she described how she almost canceled Brahms at Lucern after hearing of Claudio Abbado’s death. I glad she didn’t, coz that’s how this whole binging got started! She talked about it here (where there’s also a video interview from her home with Claudio Abbado’s memory on the wall.)
    – WOW, that’s the most beautiful and expressive “he was despised and rejected of men” i’ve heard! i always found this aria to be dragging and quite boring.. never mind the english pronunciation (though i think she pronounces better than i do :D).. which used to be my hung up.. now you can reallly hearing the phrasing, like! absolutely breathtaking!

  8. Eyesometric says:

    I like her “He was despised” too. A good tempo I think – so many of the older recordings ( Baker, Ferrier, Forrester ) were *so* slow you could nod off. I also like like Connolly singing this – very understated but expressive. The pronunciation did not jar on me either. Nice pick Dr T!

    • thả diều says:

      oh, thanks for checking in on my ramblings (otherwise i’d be on and on on my own 😉 ) I don’t know yet Connolly’s version but will check out! all the other names you mentioned are actually way before my time… haven’t noticed tempo except i always recall not understanding the context of this aria.. i have one of these love/not-love relationship with messiah: the music is irresistible no matter how hard i tried.. and yet the words are soo goose bump inducing religious i want to go hiding in a hole somewhere to listen.. But actually i quite like what John Eliot Gardiner said in his rehearsal video: he learned all Bach stuff in secular context (at home instead of at church) and he wanted to set that in his version and put more “swing” into it.. Hope the super gorgeous weather is still with you!

  9. Eyesometric says:

    Yes, the weather is still super gorgeous and I’m about to prepare a picnic for today’s activities – a Roman road, a waterfall and a canal.
    ( I always check on your rumblings! )

  10. thả diều says:

    welcome to another night-bridge, mon-tues. this night it took a bit to settle.. was debating between händel, vivaldi, cherubini, donnizetti (!) and after some nice ba-rocking, here we are:
    1. Vivaldi “Cessate, omai cessate” part 4, live
    2. Händel Messiah “but who may abide”, live
    3. Statira’s aria “Se palpitarti in sen” from L’incoronazionne di dario, live
    4. Vivaldi shall start the night of long music: Act III of L’incoronazione di dario, live, GORGEOUS music, i still envious Anik got to hear this live.
    – there it is, the “contralto in the woods”:
    (Sentirò fra ramo e ramo, più tranquille e placidette, l’aure liete a sussurrar, e co’ zefiri diletti, amorosi gli augelletti, tutti gioia a gareggiar. I will hear the happy breezes whispering, From branch to branch, Calmer and more tranquil, And with the charming zephyrs, The amorous little birds, Will vie in gladness.)

    – ah, how sad they remove the clapping! at least leave it in at the end! so, that’s a wrap for L’incoronizione di Dario, HIGHLY recommended! can’t go wrong with the music!
    5. back to händel messiah.
    – wow, how big is the Barbican? looks sooo huge, musicians spread out thin.. view into the audience is like into an open stadium! i can imagine singers not heard well… esp. those specializing in baroque and used to having just a few players in the orchestra… i’ve read several “reviews” mentioning her voice lost in the orchestra in gigantic settings (like this, Lucern last month, that Tamerlano in london with lots of elephants)
    – actually it takes quite a bit of getting used to, but i quite like his read now, it’s got a very nice swing to it. the chorus is absolutely top quality.. in fact most reviews’ rave are about the chorus. interestingly you can hear a male voice sort of singing near microphone.. i’m guessing it’s Sir Colin Davis, not realizing that he’s also being recorded…
    – major shouting from tenor.., grrr

    AFter this was just ba-rocking (1), o selger tag, and “contralto in the woods” (4), and “he was despised” on repeat, very therapeutic for working…

    • dehggial says:

      Like Eyes says, the Barbican isn’t as it big as it looks. It’s just the stage that is rather wide. One of the best things about it is that nothing blocks your view, no matter where you sit. I’ve only heard Baroque there and singers had very few problems if at all. Btw, that “He was despised” is really touching. I’m definitely hitting her show at Wigmore Hall next year!

      • thả diều says:

        and i book the couch ;-). tickets avail 1st of Feb lady @ wigmore hall told me, we’re gonna arrange so we don’t have to sit 10 seats apart and not finding each other (though that was barbican right? coz i think at wigmore hall you can practically spot each other regardless of seating :D)
        ps- i’ll shove in my comment here also that i find her very effective as Ottone, in getting the music phrasing across, with some fine fine acting (this last part might be a bit subjective..)
        ps2- and yet another shove.. that i find her singing amazing effective for my brain but yet can be so easily over”looked” because it’s not “flashy”.. except when one settles in and really pays attention..
        ps3- i almost came to barbican in 2010! bought tix for the Alcina show w/ VK and Harteros, but wisely ditched them for direct trip to Wien 😀

        • Eyesometric says:

          Ha, the one occasion when we might have crossed paths. Purity was also there!

          • thả diều says:

            yes, newbie Eyes! that would have been so much fun! :-). was in Wien that i met Purity for first time too!
            Edit: of course she was the one getting me excited listening to händel in the first place.. though she was also responsible for me ditching barbican ticket.. after her fabulous review of VK’s händel in munich! (i still find it one of the best reviews i’ve ever read 🙂 ).

        • dehggial says:

          Do you want to sit at the front and stare adoringly at her throughout the show? I figure tickets can’t be more than £35-40 at the front, she’s not that big a name (unlike Cencic…). In any case, book your seat and then send me a message and I will try to get something in the vicinity. If you’re “couching” we’ll get there together.

          I liked her Ottone a lot, he’s more action-oriented than Davies’. I need to hear her a bit more but I like what I’ve heard so far.

          obviously you made the right choice with Wien 😉 speaking of VK, I finally got my act together and booked a hotel. Now all I need is to sort out transportation, hopefully this weekend, and then I’m going to start counting the days…

          • thả diều says:

            staring adoringly? me? never! 😉
            but i’ve read/seen actually for her particularly it’s not good to sit close because she’s always having a gigantic music stand that blocks all view ;-). too bad she’s only singing 1 day.. coz i’d have loved to attend 2, one near middle, one near back, just to hear how the sound resonate.. but please, don’t assign the couch to other claimers, i sign up first! (pending meetings.. but generally may is slow..)
            oh, oops, i did mention to you Yvette.. did you get in touch with her re. hotel in paris? hope u have great time there! smaller hall than wigmore am told!!
            ps- isn’t there some sort of group where you can sign up to be passenger in someone’s car driving up/down/across europe? 😉

          • dehggial says:

            re: giant music stand – maybe the trick is to have a slightly side view, because if she’s behind the stand she might be invisible from further back as well. She’s not a mover, then? Fagioli stood 345743756456 yards away from the stand, I guess he’s got eagle vision.

            if it’s not completely sold out you might try sitting further back before/after the intermission.

            I’ve a couple of couches 😉 (3, in fact, and an inflatable bed).

            you said about Yvette, yes, but you also said she’s going with friends. Maybe I will meet them at the venue, I don’t want to intrude.

            I’m very pleased it’s such a small venue (hard to believe there are smaller ones than Wigmore) and thank you for the wishes, I hope so, too. It’s also a recon mission – as I get to know Paris better I will go see shows there more often.

            there are, indeed, carpooling groups ( You just have to make sure those people aren’t serial killers 😉

          • thả diều says:

            bring your own .. what was it…
            ax! 😉
            oh, she with stand.. i think she’s *always* with stand, and glasses, which i find charming… btw, i spent the night working and listened to this cd, was super gorgeous i must say, if she’s singing this, i might really be staring adoringly!
            Yvette with friends? i think she’s coming alone, but i could be wrong! she wrote somewhere.. on Eyes’ blog in think… if i get around to it, will send u info… bedtime now! have a fantastic friday!

          • dehggial says:

            crap, VK’s show is cancelled (apparently along with the entire season)! Couldn’t they have announced it before I booked my hotel?! Guess I’ll have to find alternative attractions in Paris now… At least I insured it so I think I’m going to get my money back.

          • thả diều says:

            what!! i’m sorry! that’s really annoying.. it’s not easy to cancel hotel? you can hang out with Yvette 😀 (just woke up, i gonna go find out her post..) is there anything playing in paris on same night?

          • dehggial says:

            oh, you’re too sweet! I’m going to think about it all tomorrow, it’s two in the morning now. Good thing I didn’t see it before going to Alcina, I had a ball there.

          • thả diều says:

            here D, if you do see her, please send my hello, i spent a fabulous near 1-wk long vacation at her (and her charming husband) generous hospitality just this past may!

  11. Eyesometric says:

    The main Barbican hall seats just under 2000 on 3 levels and does seen quite wide. VK had no acoustic problems with Alcina waaaay back in 2010!!

    • thả diều says:

      yes, but it’s VK :-). like in Vienna (quite bigger i think), VK has absolutely no problem but Kristina Hammarström’s voice had problem projecting back.. I remember thinking during radio broadcast how hers was recorded much better than heard live.. and Sara Mingardo’s voice is quite darker (though am not sure about volume.., i have only heard her in Zürich–much smaller haus+baroque orchestra–where she didn’t have problem..). here we also have the modern orchestra.. it “looks” to me she was pushing her voice quite a bit..

      Edit: actually did you have problem hearing Romina Basso there?
      Edit2: also, it was Minkowski who accommodated the singers VERY well i think.. whereas Messiah with big modern orchestra and mass chorus.. may be it’s the camera angle, the singers look like tiny dots 🙂

  12. Eyesometric says:

    No problem hearing any of the singers there and MM + band were a dream. I did sulk for the lack of Harteros though!

  13. dehggial says:

    The contralto in the woods aria is fabulous 😀 total frolicking, makes me think of you collecting flowers in the Alps 😉

    • thả diều says:

      i love the translation, works great after reading *that* write-up :-D, she has another cool aria too along the line “if u r pissed all the time, clearly u dont care about my well-being, therefore u r not for me, bye” 😀

  14. Agathe says:

    Oh, I guess this will keep me very happily occupied for quite a while 🙂 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      (do start with the Pergolesi Stabat Mater at the top, i think i concluded within these two weeks of discovery that her phrasing speaks directly to my soul 🙂 . )

      • Agathe says:

        I will, just listened in and it is wonderful, but before getting more deeply into that I think I need to savour Ottone for some more days, I’m not completely open for something else yet 🙂

        • Agathe says:

          But yes, yes,yes about the soul thing

        • thả diều says:

          i know, i was just getting you to check out the low note she hit at 30:15 (start there as she descended), i think you might enjoy it 😉

        • thả diều says:

          (but please do continue to write more about Ottone over at Anik’s… because i know her singing works for me but sometimes i can’t pin-point why so it was really refreshing hearing your explanations… am fighting with another manuscript so haven’t a chance yet to reply to you over there, but i’m lurking..)

          • Agathe says:

            No problem to write more… I’m currently trying to pinpoint her means of expression in the monologue prior to and during the Octavia scene.

        • thả diều says:

          (ps2- and did you know she sang Ottone with Invernizzi just this past Feb at Carnegie Hall? right after the A.Hallenberg weekend… I knew that already last year but it was impossible to come because i had that meeting in San Diego…)

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