read for the night

had a dream the other day 1/3 of my hair turned gray 🙂
i have decided the brain will get a night off. here’s a nice read (re. my recent obsession) to relax. if you rely on google translator (like me), original language is Polish. a bit too short i say. nice background on her first musical love, on singing baroque, approach to singing, approach when going outside baroque repertoire, singing with Sandrine Piau and others. i’d love to read her autobiography if she decides to write! (in whichever language… there’s still the VK book in german that i haven’t gotten far..)

I want that, leaving the concert, people would say “what wonderful music!” And not: “what a great singer!” In any event, there is always a base – as it should be! – Music. A transmission of beauty is sometimes different: sometimes one succeeds, sometimes not.

and music to settle:


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5 Responses to read for the night

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Grey hair can *very* distinguished!

    • stray says:

      And 1/3 would look really cool!

      Send me some pages of that VK autobio.

      • thả diều says:

        tada, i back on the grid.. with just 1 gray hair spotted, might have been from this past summer 🙂
        YES! will send you soon, i think it’s best to just start from beginning.. will scanned version be ok? typing would take too long.. I can also attempt w/ my digital camera…

        • stray says:

          Scans should be fine, send a couple of pages to my gmail and we’ll see what the language looks like.

          • thả diều says:

            every night i thinking of putting the book in the pack.. and every morning i walking out of haus w/o book and seeing scanner in the office.. but now, book is in pack.. some scans coming soon 🙂

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