coming out photo

it’s national coming out week, apparently! i’ve been in hiding overnight in office typing away and sleeping through the day.. totally losing track of the world :-). This used to be such an important week for me, still remembered walking past the LGBT table back at community college pre-coming_out days wondering what life was like on the other side of the door.. mine is a rather long winded story that can take days to talk about.. and yet somehow once on the other side you always wonder why it’s so difficult to cross.. of course i myself know why, but still.. anyhow, one can cook up arguments whether it’s a choice or the essence of a person.. i of course in a lucky position where i can be happy within the self physical body / gender, but can still relate very much to those whose everyday’s emotional (psychological?) struggle is on this precise subject. On an amusing note, I still remembered the first time i came out to my best friend, by simply declaring to her the next person i’d be with, “it’s gonna be a girlfriend!” the mind, very intuitive if you just let it work! on that note, here’s a coming out photo, to the one who’s been on my mind since the early summer, sunrise from the office.


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3 Responses to coming out photo

  1. yvette says:

    Dear young friend! I see you are hiding in your office…. and yet you have such a nice landscape at your door-step! (but I see what you explained ) I came here to answer your note about VK not coming to Paris, something I cannot get over . Thank you for having given the link to this friend the only thing is, am I well informed and the good person for musical chats? I wonder as I am somehow a solitary listener you have all ‘adopted ‘ so nicely here, but really even at home I am rather alone in my thoughts about opera and singers.
    I hope all is fine on your side and that you are happy in research and life. (greay memories of you here!!!)

    • thả diều says:

      good morning Yvette! very nice to see you :-). Please send my hello to D. am of course still in the office, eating “lunch” while reading a stack of paper and waiting for the sunrise… I’m really sorry you won’t get to hear VK, esp. in such an intimate concert hall am told, singing Schubert and Rachmaninov.. at first i thought she canceled.. but it’s much more.. Only reading your thoughts i realize you’re quite looking forward to hearing her, and am reminded again as well how much i love listening to her live interpreting music, esp. in intimate setting! I hope she will come to France again soon!
      ps- regarding how well equipped one is in thoughts and communication of music.. you don’t need to go farther than me, but i think we managed ok (except for some disagreement 😀 :-D). I leave it entirely to you whether you’d like to chat with dehggial 🙂 (but i did send her your way 🙂 )

  2. yvette says:

    GREAT of cousre … sorry about that keep well !

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