all hands on deck

a soprano to start the final push, with knives! aci7_0

i up, ready to roll. we had a strangely “quiet” night last night with almost no email.. which meant everybody should get a good night of sleep, coz today, all hands will be on deck!

you know in life sometimes you met someone you’ve never crossed path, and there are 2 intriguing reactions: either you understand why you haven’t and you’d like to keep it that way, or you’re absolutely thrilled it has occurred and you form a “collaboration” moving forward? (there’s also 2 other varieties stemming out of this: a. you dislike them greatly at the beginning but they turn out your *great* friends, and the opposite 😉 ).

well, it works similar in other aspects. 3 years ago i was very lucky to have crossed path with someone with whom we have now a 5-yr project (though i still need to do my part soon :-)). then this past april, i shoved my way into a (almost all russian) meeting looking completely out of place and met 2 incredible people doing absolutely fascinating things, some of which way above my head.. luckily i was there for a reason.. and now, we’re forging a joint effort… will see if it works, you’ll never know, but just the possibility is *amazing*. and to think i read 1/2 of what they wrote and still have no clue what the hell it means yet :-D.

So, on the plate today:
finish own project write up.
made self 100% available to whatever they need.

only 2 more days to go.. and we know secretaries don’t work on weekend, that ought to be great motivation! chaaaarrrrge.

music is from a live performance, i like her “youthful” voice and take which somehow seems to fit with the scene. there’re 2 other versions from sandrine piau‘s and roberta invernizzi‘s , but somehow they both sounded a bit too smooth and does quite fit the knives flying, and they were really flying according to the music on above clip!


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3 Responses to all hands on deck

  1. Eyesometric says:

    I wasn’t ready for that first note and she frightened me to death! Good luck with your magaproject!

    • thả diều says:

      oh now you got me curious, let me listen to 1st note again ;-). she was shaking her head as part of acting when starting singing the phrase.. perhaps it was the first note that got me attracted to the clip, coz it’s a bit on edge, not calm and smooth (look at the knife!!, and the 1st phrase of orchestra too!!).
      and i like maga much better 😉

  2. Eyesometric says:

    MEGA of course.

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