music for calm saturday night

here’s music currently on repeat. Actually has been on repeat on and off, except this past whole week almost all music was shut down for concentration.. but thanks to speakers in the office, her sound really echos very nicely. Strangely enough, when i first listened on headset, it simply didn’t work. Sometimes you have to be in the mood, with the music at the right volume…


so, there’s still the looming deadline.. and yet things are super quiet coz everyone is now racing for the “other” deadline next week… it’s like this winter olympic sport where you race frantically on skiis, then stop and try to slow down your heart to shoot some arrows.. my brain is just not switching properly yet.. but only have 1.5 day to get the act together.. so here it is again, another night in the office.

have to say it was not quite a cool evening… with a call that was supposed to happen but never did. but i settling in now.. hopefully getting somewhere in the next 3 hours! with faaantastic music. i might come back and post a clip here…

i back, with a clip, from Giovanni Salvatore


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2 Responses to music for calm saturday night

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Nice clip Doc. I prefer the slow sections, especially the last 1 minute. Hope the act is together now!

    • thả diều says:

      yes, i had a very interesting dream last night, and now brain is adjusted.. not sure how it’ll look on poster, but at least i have a scheme 😉
      happy to hear you like the clip Eyes, it’s a whole cd full of these.. i think she’s singing similar things next year at wigmore hall…

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