just bought. first live concert of the season, super happy, can’t wait! 🙂 🙂
(or may be 2nd, depending on if i awake tonight to make it to first.., hurrah, deadlines gone, time to sleep and replenish brain with music!!)
Update 26.oct.2014 21.10h
So, some photos, and quick impression:

— Bach:
– i love love love the oboe! and organ+cello combo!
– Bryn Terfel: hmm, i can’t say for this piece.. was totally immersed in oboe..
— Brahms:
– it’s loud! very very rewarding to be right on top of double-bass + cell section, when they played you can feel the entire stage vibrating 🙂 .
– So, deep string right under, chorus to my right ear, soloists to left, high string farthest away, very nice.
– It’s also probably the 5th time i heard the piece, 2nd live.. and there’s something to be said about seeping familiarity ..
– Music starting 2nd movement is quite unsettling..
– Music + Bass section in 3rd movement is very nice
– Chorus is very very nice in this performance. It helps that i was probably 10m away from them, though they sang full force at times, the power of human voice is quite nice when unamplified!
– Super lovely soprano’s solo. Only problem is when flute entered: This is the 2nd time i have problem hearing soprano within modern flute.. but I’m curious why you’d pair such sound because they’re so similar. I’d put clarinet with soprano instead, and flute with bass! (but clearly i can’t compose 😉 ). (if the flute could just tone down.. i wish it was a baroque flute..) . I also curious if she’s not catching a cold or something.. lovely dark coat + coughing candy (it appeared) . It’s surprising to see how much force she put in the generate the sound, but i love the sound. Just was a bit far from me, esp. when flute + far strings joining in.

Altogether, superb evening. Love both pieces!


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6 Responses to :-)

  1. stray says:

    Oooh, will look forward to that one showing up on the bso media page 🙂

    • thả diều says:

      media page? i was thinking they also had to broadcasted today no? (or yesterday?) am quite looking forward to hearing her live.. hopefully she’ll be standing on the left side, coz i got myself 1 of those 20under40 for thingy right on front left balcony!

      Edit: judging by the alarming rate of grammatical errors, methinks it’s bedtime 😀

      Edit2: can you believe, just now i saw there’s also Bryn Terfel singing! them eyes can be soo elective..

      • stray says:

        The bso media page, very useful when you can’t be there in person or tied to radio broadcast schedules. Or if you want to listen to a concert fifteen times.

        lol Bryn Terfel, yes, I guess they do need to rope in some baritone guy for the Brahms.

  2. Eyesometric says:

    I guess Terfel is harder to miss in the flesh! Enjoy 🙂

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