vivaldi for the night

i was gonna write up a long post after finding the nice recording of SM singing Bach on Spotify (thanks Stray for the idea!), but then there’s the looong list of things to accomplish at work.. and after 24hrs of Bach i got distracted again by links off corner of eyes.. and inevitably it’d either be Händel or Vivaldi… so, a nice cd found at school library to start the night:
and the music:


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6 Responses to vivaldi for the night

  1. thả diều says:

    spamming own post.. to start a new playlist for yet another thing to prepare.. note the absolute lack of content yet again in bloggie, and the overdose content of workload.. some of which has nothing to do with work… generally speaking, i will have to leave the town which i have called home.. who knows to where, even which continent.. the thought process is exhausting with the mind wanting to give up and stomach feeling vomiting.. but here we are, another prep for another needed presentation to sell.. this time next year, who knows where i’ll be..

    so.. to start off the rambling night..
    1) a contralto alcina (her voice is very soothing for the mind.., so we might be on her for yet a while..)
    2) Se il ciel mi divide by Niccolò Piccinni, as part of this program at Wigmore Hall which was broadcast live on bbc radio3. I will *not* miss her next concert.
    3) back to vivaldi. orchestra is gorgeous. from the live performance that i babbled non-stop about last month.. note instrument around 01.10 poomf poomf poomf 🙂

  2. Eyesometric says:

    This leaving stuff can be truly awful, especially when there are so many unknowns. I did the same at around about your age – job, home, family, country, all being left behind and at times it all seems far too much to contemplate. Things do fall into place one by one, not necessarily in the preferred order so I’m really glad you have the music to help you through.

  3. thả diều says:

    many thanks Eyes, i got a good night of sleep, woke up, saw your message, had another chat at work.. and weekend is looking better. but am guessing it’s a mood swing thing :-). if i can find humor in this, it’s sort of like the case of a girlfriend one day decides it’s her time to explore the world and you say you understand and that she can go explore as needed before figuring out if she wants to be back.. but since the whole thing is happening in your haus you’ll have to deal with the various people she’s taking in every night and how much rift it can create both short and long term.

    i’ve known about this move since april but sort of blocked it out of mind until suddenly it became real by august.. and in scenario above i’d be the girlfriend running around shopping while the “you” is current fantastic colleague/boss. we’re all gonna be out of here by end of next year, and am in fact being offered a fantastic and better-than-current position by colleague. i searched up and down in head and really, there’s absolutely no reason to jump ship.. except for a couple of details, one of which is the location we’re moving too.. which already for colleague (from europe) was a loooong process of digestion.. and now for me…

    the other “minor” detail is some stupid notion of “pride” i have now in head in trying to get hired through the front door.. problem sometimes when you don’t enter through front door is that the rug can be pulled from under in such manner you have no leverage.. but as Anik mentioned in her post, some of these are in fact charades and you can waste so much time and mindset troubling with… in fact, our world is governed so much by the connections we built.. i fear i might have let the mumblings getting into head to have wrong order of priorities + false impression of pride, while at it potentially creating a rift in our great understanding and working relationship…

    ok, i temporarily done letting loose some rambling thoughts.. will send a virtual postcard from my next crazy interview 🙂

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