bach cantata to start sunday

yes, yes, starting.  we lost 1 hour today and the freezing temperature compounded the timing. let’s warm up the super freezing office a bit with music. i have to make a talk which i really don’t feel like, hence procrastinating + blogging.. so, Bach’s cantatas, think i finally figure out what they are. (still on the list is his Brandenburg concertos..) You know i started out with the Matthews Passion in 2001 but seem to be stuck on just that. And with the recent obsession, and her discussion of starting out with the love for Bach music, plus the nice documentary showing the entire rehearsal session, it’s a perfect place to explore. He said lots of insightful things in there, including the use of period vs modern instruments and the swing to Bach’s music if viewed from secular stand.

Onto music, what i love the most is the change of mood, the lovely combo with oboe and voices, and combo of cello + harpsichord/organ. You can choose to listen to all 3, or whichever one.. but it’s got a nice dynamic if in the order:

1) chorus, triumphant music, with a love dance swinging to it.

2) recitative, the way i love. Given i don’t understand German, it emphasizes the point further through communication via only music. In fact she gave the impression of the preacher on sunday mass standing on high podium expressively spreading the words.

3) duet to oboe (final product of same duet after recitative in clip above)

* title + 1 slide done.
* i might have to come back to put up the next duet + chorus, simply because without them it seems so strange to stop the music at the deepest point with oboe!
* i back indeed, with the swinging duet. otherwise it’s just not the right place to stop the music! you can also follow the rehearsal here before they get to final product below, she’s talking to the German coach while tenor crying about pace :-).

4) duet with upward swing, picking up from deep oboe duet in (3)


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