a new Händel

was hunting on Francemusique hoping for a broadcast of Nathalie Stutzmann’s concert today at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées but no luck.. instead, we get a nice rebroadcast of Händel’s Solomon with Karina Gauvin and Marie-Nicole Lemieux for the night!

clik on image for link to francemusique player

clik on image for link to francemusique player

I want to explore this opera for several reasons, but primarily to see how every unfolds to that final super lovely duet! If i correct it’s in English so won’t need too much libretto.. some running commentary will follow.. Fast-forward to minute 18:00 for intro, opera starts at time-tag… hmm, where the heck is it.. still searching.. ok, skip all the way to minute 33:30 for proper intro + start.

– i must be so unfamiliar with their voices, can’t tell whether MNL or KG is singing the long expressive aria at 01h05min, but i guessing MNL… whoever, lovely voice!!
– yep, for sure MNL simply b/c the soprano immediately follows with lovely high voice! strange way to sing coloratura though.. might be due to tempo. she has a similar way of using the vibrato (that’s what i call vibrato) as MNL, hence my confusion..
– OHHH, it’s not a finale duet but right here! LOVELY!! LIKE!
– it’s criminal the duet is this short. they must be cutting it? (i randomly accusing..). Their voices have similar tone actually, so you don’t hear the contrast as well… anyhow, now that we get to the duet, i’ll have to find more motivation to continue :-). but it’s time to wrap up the office hour.. will resume. Here’s duet:


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