monteverdi @ Jordan Hall

i have a love declaration

no no, it’s really the instrument ;-). Let’s revise the photo a bit:


Ok. some commentary in running format:
– Boston Baroque: whenever they play, whatever they play, i’ll show up. Totally in love with the orchestra and their work, especially when performed in Jordan Hall. If you’d like to read more my impression about them, i’d refer you to my long-winded rambles from 2010 (oh, oops, thought i blogged about their Beethoven7 but only BSO concert..), 2011, and 2013 (1,2,3).
– I’m totally in love also with the various combo of: 1+2+4, 1+2+3, 1+voice, 1+2+voice, 1+4+voice. This is the first time I sit this high with direct sight to the violon-cello, hence the first photo. Absolutely lovely sound, especially in combos as mentioned above, and especially in early music.
– I now getting a hang of Monteverdi (you do really need to get used to it..), really love the music and quite like the singing. The highlight of the evening is the “duo seraphim”, time-stopping breath-halting beauty, especially with the arrangement of the 2 tenors on opposite balconies, 1 right in front of me, i particularly like his voice and singing (Thomas Cooley). They sang to the combo 1+2+4, just gorgeous.
– Oh, here’s the program: Monteverdi’s “Vespro Della Beata Vergine” (Vespers of the Blessed Virgin), 1610. I like the 1st part much better than 2nd, and upon reading the concert notes afterward, i figure out why: 2nd part is lots of “Gregorian chant” to solo 4 or to violins or other instruments, in the form of chants as background and faster instrumental music in foreground, a new form of dynamics/structures at his time. The chanting bits, think you have to get used to, especially when to solo 4 for extended period…
– this is the first time I not raving over woodwinds + horns + strings.. Perhaps after 3+ months of listening non-stop to Sara Mingardo them ears are totally in tune with combos above..
– Here’s their season: do check it out if you’re in Boston. Too bad i’ll most likely miss their Messiah as I’ll be running around attempting to chase after Nathalie Stutzmann + Orfeo55 + Sara Mingardo singing the same thing… (and VK singing Marguerite)…

Edit: found our cellist, happy to say my ears are not bad ;-).

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