radio alert

Thursday 20.nov.2014, 1400h Eastern time. have to put here else i’ll forget! that’s some serious cast of contraltos and mezzo. here’s link.

Edit to add broadcast of Kasarova singing La mort de cleopatre on sunday 23-nov-2014! (VERY EARLY time, 2pm in europe, 8AM eastern time!). here’s link.


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5 Responses to radio alert

  1. dehggial says:

    How awesome! I just booked Prina (with Invernizzi) and Pratt tickets for next year at Wigmore. Will you record that Cleopatre? Annoyingly my annual leave starts on Monday.

    • thả diều says:

      up after 11hr sleep, vhat i missed? :-).
      did you also notice Maite Beaumant? yes, i’ll try the capturing machine. I’ll make a confession here as well while at it.. i never understood the role of Cornelia.. until… tum ta ra rum.. i found a link of Ms. Mingardo singing live just a month ago, duetting with Bacelli! That link alone led me to a full radio recording of that same performance with Daniela Barcellona as Cesare, quite a nice performance actually, especially the orchestra’s take!

      • dehggial says:

        I did see it’s got Beaumont, more goodness. I’m not that into Cornelia either but as always I can be convinced otherwise. I also think Barcellona is a very good singer.

  2. thả diều says:

    i’ve just tested out the audio.. the stream quality is *not* very good for classical music. I’m surprised actually that they’d broadcast classical music with only 96 Kbps… will run some commentary… here’s direct link for those who would like to listen on the run. be ready for some head-ache due to sound quality.

  3. thả diều says:

    – tuning in live! i love the excitement when orchestra is tunning!!
    – actually sound has improved somewhat as soon as the opera part is on, hurrah.. i don’t know the story so well, or the music… bell just rang, here we go!
    – Sonia Prina, she has a strange way indeed singing coloratura! but very distinctive voice! super jolie mood too thanks to nice pacing from harpsichord
    – wow, Maite Beaumont sounds sooo bright in the sea of contraltos!
    – Cornelia’s first aria.. to very lovely flute (or recorder?) and deep strings..
    – love the orchestra + tempo! here’s Sesto’s first aria…
    – made it to end of Act 1, i not impressed with orchestration of both “Va tacito..” and duet of Cornelia and Sesto. guess i spoiled by wonderful horn from sarah connolly’s version as well as duet above from Bologna 2003..
    – i confess.. it’s not my favorite handel opera.. still dragging on toward somewhere in act 3… too many people, too much talking, too much drama, i need to go home and to bed 😀
    – ah, Cornelia got the last aria before nice music signaling the end.. actually Mingardo’s voice is quite close to the countertenor’s in term of tone via radio.. but you can spot her quickly during (ease-of) coloratura run..
    – hurrah, finale duet.., i confess today is not a soprano day, splitting headache.. might have to do with the radio quality.. their voices somehow crashes during duet instead of complementing..

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