radio alert

now, 29.nov.2014, 2pm eastern time:
“I capuleti e i montecchi” from Baden Baden
Elina Garanca: Romeo
Alexandra Kurzak: Giulietta <— oh, i think Ekaterina Surina took over for A.Kurzak if my german-free-interpretation from radio host comment is correct…
– Gooooorgeous singing from Kurzak Surina currently, Giulietta’s entrance aria….
– here comes duet… hmm, it sounds a bit too smooth (lack of spontaneity)
– love orchestra sound + tempo + chorus.
– how nice, speedy skip through intermission, to GORGEOUS cello soon to be to GIulietta’s lamentation… gosh, that down tune to flute, always gives me goosebumps
– BRRRRAAAAAVAAAAAA, i would really love to hear her live as Giulietta
– here comes showdown (to the tilted moon naturally!), GOOOOORGEOUS clarinet!!
– how heart-breaking, the plucking of harp… and heart-breaking “oh mia Giulietta!” cry from Romeo
– BRAAAAAAAAAVIIIII, GREAT showdown, very moving from Romeo, this is where you really hear her emotional expression well! Tebaldo also great, and conducting fantastic!
– to the tomb, sniff…
– this jolly tune is soooo full of irony…
– BRAAAAVIIIII, very very moving tomb scene, i didn’t want to break to even comment. She’s GREAT in the entire 2nd Act, SUPER moving. So much more spontaneous than how she sounded in 1st act. VERY VERY NICE!!!
– GREAT conducting too, i really like his take, Mr. Garanca. Orchestra of Geneva i heard. VERY NICE! same goes with chorus!

– in fact so nice i would have sat through entire another round! but the capturing machine went kabonk due to audio glitch right near the end and thus no relistening, bummer. was a very great evening.


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7 Responses to radio alert

  1. dehggial says:

    Siurina is lovely. In fact I liked her Adina (in Elisir, which you know I’m currently listening, not with her as it would be weird 😉 ) a great deal. The Romeo-Tebaldo duet is one of the best things ever 😀 kill me! no, you kill me! I love her more! life has no meaning without her! eh heh…

    • thả diều says:

      i read somewhere this duet and the one between Tancredi and whatever-his-name-the-rivaly-tenor are two glorious examples of belcanto mezzo-tenor showdowns… oh wait, no no, tancredi w/ Amenaide’s father actually, nodding some strange agreements.. given that Tancredi ended up going berserk trying to get her(him)self killed for no reason…

      • dehggial says:

        yes, that Tancredi-Argirio duet is also excellent. Tancredi is a bit of a moron 😉 good thing he has good music to sing, otherwise… In fact, his duet with Amenaide (Ah, come mai quel’anima) is probably my favourite duet ever. Although, err, the Romeo-Giulietta duets – well, all of them!

  2. stray says:

    That was fun for the last five minutes. They’ve moved on to Pink Floyd now.

  3. thả diều says:

    since i didn’t get to relisten.. had to go into hiding to get my fix.. now done :D, back! i like the entire 2nd act! and escaped just before pink floyd, haha.
    -ps thanks for the link Eyes! that’s some dedicated page!

    • stray says:

      I liked the idea of Wish You Were Here tracks interspersed with Hilliard Ensemble. Must be German radio 🙂

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