dance to start december

I love the open-hand position (hand to hand connection with free-style spinning), absolute great fun to take turn with the partner while exchanging momentum :-). The movie is great if you haven’t come across already, one of my favorites, east vs west cultures and dancing (don’t get it mixed up with the over-romanticized american version..)


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4 Responses to dance to start december

  1. dehggial says:

    cute film, yea. I saw it way back when at BAM, whilst at Uni.

  2. Eyesometric says:

    I found extracts of both versions on YT and will definitely not get them mixed up. Does this mean you have some more dance sessions booked?

    • thả diều says:

      woooooawwwwwww, who ordered the rain?? i haven’t been this soaked and cold since.. bergen! 😀

      in case you all wonder where she got her fine fine posture from: check gallery.

      oh Eyes, sadly no dancing session booked.. but after watching i feel the urge! and we don’t have ice hockey this winter.. so perhaps it’s time to rethink…

      The dance on this clip, quickstep, is an interesting dance, in that you have to “run” backward. and i think our human body is tuned for forward run.. so inevitably we will suffer 2 things: 1. either falling backward due to having the upper body running before our feet (more on this), or 2. having our butts sticking out and upper body caving in as we “try” to get the legs to run while grabbing on to partner’s arms for dear life :-). 1. is most common simply because naturally running backward = we let the heels touch the floor, and as soon as that happens, all is over because you’re stuck! so of course it’s a beautiful art to glide gracefully on your toes while the beautiful shoulders remain almost unmoved with glorious posture. I love how she made it looks so simple here. But of course the movie is not about her, but about everything else, really like. i think if you grow up in asia you really feel quite connected to the storyline.

      Lastly, i wanted to find a nice clip of quickstep, but after some browsing last night i decided we can skip all that and have fun with these 2 guys and samba instead (might have posted before, but who cares), particularly the taller dancer… altogether you can tell these guys have been training their whole lives since little.

  3. Eyesometric says:

    After watching your clip of the 2 guys I looked for similar events for women and was somewhat surprised to find we have them in the UK. My favourite dance to watch and the listen to, assuming it has the right music, is the Argentine tango, especially when danced by these two …

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